From The Neoreaction Conference In London


As previously reported on this site, a Neoreaction conference was held in London this summer behind a veil of secrecy to prevent the usual suspects (Leftists and other neurotics) from attacking.

The presenters of that conference have created the following “avatar videos” which present the content delivered at that conference.


In addition, it is worth listening to Alt Right forebear Peter Brimelow speaking at the conference, which has now been revealed to have occurred at London gallery LD50 (named after the lethal dose that kills 50% of test subjects).

The gallery also has planned a book of contributions and inspirations to the conference which will be released shortly. For more information, the gallery via email.

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4 Responses to “From The Neoreaction Conference In London”

  1. Asian Reactionary says:

    I’ve always thought that Neoreaction was far more of a leadership/fatherhood to the Alt-Right than anything. The media’s fixation on Richard Spencer is mystifying, but then obvious when one realizes that they have no obligation toward the truth.

  2. […] In December, Dalston art gallery LD50 hosted an exhibition about the alt right – featuring the usual parade of Pepe memes, kek jokes, red pill MGTOW bullshit, and inflammatory race baiting. Was there a slither of plausible deniability to what they were up to, a kind of elaborate sleight of hand maybe? Drawing attention to what’s out there in the big bad world outside the White Cube? Well, it then turned out LD50’s owner, Lucia Diego, in a private conversation came out as basically a Trump supporter. After some digging, it turned out that the gallery had, on the down-low, actually hosted a “neo-reactionary” conference as well, though not a particularly well advertised one. Or as one of the speakers wrote, “behind a veil of secrecy to prevent the usual suspects (Leftists and other neurotics) from at… […]