Diversity Is Over

The upheaval of 2016 showed us a clear pattern: the ideals of the past seven decades, finally put into practice, ended in such disaster that people have thrown out those ideas entirely.

Globalism is dead. Political correctness is dead. And the vanguard of both, diversity, is also over. It proved to be a complete failure when despite electing an African-descended president, America experienced more racial antagonism not less, and Europe was overrun by violent, perverse and resentful “refugees” who made it clear by their behavior that this was an invasion, not an errand of mercy.

The important meme to spread is that DIVERSITY IS OVER. We tried it, it failed, and instead of blaming specific groups — Jews, Africans, Jersey Islanders — we have come to realize that the policy of diversity itself is bad. History now proclaims: multiple groups cannot coexist in the same society without destroying that society.

As a result, people are orienting themselves toward the post-diversity future. In this future, first we balkanize. Each group has its own space. As that ends as it inevitably does, with vast inequities between them, people will become more receptive to repatriation with reparation as the most compassionate alternative.

In other words, the people who are not native to the West will be going home. First, they will lose their source of income here, and the laws that give them priority over natives for hiring, renting and selling. Next, they will find their numbers dropping at the same time their home countries improve thanks to the new skills and wealth of the returnees. Finally, they will feel pressure from those who want their countries back and realize the only way to do this is to eject all but their own founding group.

We face a difficult time ahead. One extreme is cruelty, and the other self-destruction, so we must choose the middle path: firm rejection of the failed policy of diversity. This will require facing our guilt and throwing it aside, having finally realized that it was illusion all along, like everything else from the Left.

On the plus side, we are entering an age when things will make sense again. Each population will have its own nation. There will not be protected groups whose bad behavior is excused, and designated saps who are presumed to be always wrong and therefore perpetually on the hook to pay for the others. Designating one group as victims means that if the other group has anything worth taking, it will be taken unless they retreat from society entirely, which is what European-descended people have done in increasing degree for the past seven decades.

The time in which we live brings vast change. After WWII, Leftism was the only game in town, and we fought for a version of it that could work. Now we see that all versions of Leftism end up at the same place, a strikingly Soviet dystopia, and we want out. We are leaving ideology behind for time-proven realism, and that includes throwing out illusory policies like diversity, welfare, and political correctness.

Diversity created a victim narrative by which we were always assumed to be wrong and this resulted in our dispossession. Where we tried to do right, it became clear that no one else had such restraint, and the end result would be our replacement through an ugly series of rapes, murders and attacks. This has helped us wake up from the stupor of the consensual hallucination that is modernity, and re-assert ourselves.

2017 will be a time of great upheaval as the many who are riding the inertia of the past slowly come to realize that they are backing the wrong horse. The sea change has occurred, and we are just negotiating its terms now. Those who rely on that ideology find themselves dispossessed, and this has created much fear and anger, but there is no solution to that. Their side has been proven to be wrong and unrealistic.

Now a new age dawns, in which we reclaim the knowledge of the past, and carry it forward into the future. This future includes all of the hopes of classical civilization and the positive knowledge we have assembled since then, but it does not include diversity and other failed policies. Diversity is over. We are moving on to a better future instead.

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17 Responses to “Diversity Is Over”

  1. purpletigerbot says:

    > Jersey Islanders
    Guidos from Staten Island?

    But on a serious note, lefties will fight hard. Diversity fails spectacularly without other peoples tax money.

  2. Toks David says:

    Great insight. But I’m afraid that just as WWII was inevitable for the transition into Neo-Liberalism and the Cold War into Globalism, it is inevitable that there will be a WWIII to transition the West and the rest of the world outside of these failed paradigms. It’s only a question of when and how many will die. A Great Culling is on the horizon.

    • I agree. You might expand upon this with your theory of the racial philosophies:

      OCCIDENTAL (Western) conceptual ideal: Beauty and Harmony.
      ORIENTAL (Eastern) conceptual ideal: Elegance and Elaboration.

      We might see Leftism as a substitution of the Oriental for the Occidental in order to control a core narrative, which seems to be rationalization of decline.

      • Asian Reactionary says:

        What’s the distinction between Beauty and Elegance?

      • And I thought it would be the other way around: Oriental = Beauty & Harmony, Occidental = Elegance & Elaboration. Beauty & Harmony sounds very Buddhist like to me. Like ‘Yin and Yang’

        • The West has always emphasized inner transcendentals, like order, balance and harmony. The Eastern definition of these things tends to be different, closer to “peace” than “order.”

          • Asian Reactionary says:

            I’m not sure about that. Confucianism is pretty based on order. I’ll suggest that Eastern philosophy is more bottom up – starting from virtue from the self, then the family unit, which then ultimately leads to virtue in the government. The idea being that virtue of component units leads to virtue of the sum.

            Western philosophy from what I’ve seen, such as Plato, is more interested in working from a more top-down model with questions more akin to: given a society that is a democracy, how would the sum of aggregate individuals operate? Versus an autocracy? What would cure the error of the defectors from the social contract more?

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Well, I’m looking forward to, and preparing for, the coming civil war.

    The crimes of these sick leftoids must not go unanswered.

    The wicked must be brought to account.

    You could even argue that the Alt-Right has been appointed as an instrument for this assignment.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    Diversity is a kind of religion.

  5. james wilson says:

    I may be reading you wrong, but I think you are too optimistic. I communicate very regularly with middle class teens and twenty somethings. Their minds are formed and ruled by short burst from Faceberg, twatter, Google, Yahoo and all their kind. They are quite certain in what they know, and utterly immune to argument, and worse, to experience. They would rather die than fall outside the group. I do not exaggerate.

  6. thordaddy says:

    Three Nation Solution > Two State Debate > Old World Disorder…

    Diversity is dead; Totalitarian Diversity is deader…

    Sustained separation = white (S)upremacy…

  7. Badmar says:

    I realized after reading this that despair can come from thinking change isn’t possible geographically, as well as demographically (without total death and upheaval) What I mean is, The West doesn’t have to continue in it’s present FORM and maybe the space can be worked into a functional subset until incremental morphing can happen. Maybe not, it’s a theory.

  8. Paul Bonneau says:

    Nah, I’m not buying it. You are confusing a side issue (diversity) with the main driver (the notion that peoples’ flaws can be fixed through the exercise of political power). There was no problem with diversity before Lyndon Johnson destroyed the black family via the “Great Society”.

    The only place where diversity can by itself cause problems, is when a former minority gets numerous and strong enough to dominate a former majority. That causes conflict. But smaller minorities are not going to cause much heartache.

    This notion that people can be “fixed” is a particularly New England notion that spread over the entire country, unfortunately. It brought in the disasters of government schooling, of alcohol prohibition, of drug prohibition, welfare and socialism, government medical care, government control of money, and gun control. It is a pernicious creed that must be stamped out if America is ever to recover.

    “Sure as I know anything I know this: they will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground swept clean. A year from now, ten, they’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better. And I do not hold to that. So no more running. I aim to misbehave.”
    – Capt. Malcolm Reynolds, Serenity

    • You are confusing a side issue (diversity) with the main driver (the notion that peoples’ flaws can be fixed through the exercise of political power).

      They are one and the same. “All people are equal, therefore we can fix them to be just like us, and make a society we manage via morality.”

      This notion that people can be “fixed” is a particularly New England notion that spread over the entire country, unfortunately.

      Is it, really? Athens tried to fix Socrates. France tried to make proles into kings. Russia tried the same. Always the same Enlightenment™ notion that human reason is universal and therefore, we can program people like machines.

  9. Bill in Tennessee says:

    As we head into this new reality (thank God!), and as we try to help others understand what’s happening, a few points to consider:

    For those who understand, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t understand, no explanation is possible.

    When someone is not ready to hear truth, nothing you say will be right. When someone IS ready to hear truth, nothing you say will be wrong.

    You can’t force someone to change their beliefs, they have to come to it on their own. (Although the Left certainly has tried that!)

    Some will never see the grand sweeps of history and social movement, they will only see their immediate surroundings and fret over how their own little lives are changing. The Left is notorious for this, they personalize and politicize EVERYTHING. They will probably be lost in the coming culling, so save your breath. Gravitate to more reasonable people who understand what is at stake and what is going on.

    And prepare yourself, your family, your friends; we are just at the beginnings of this pendulum swing back to normalcy, there will be angst and blood and fits and starts. The usual “stock up on ammo and food” is good, but also know who you can depend on in the coming days. Practice situational awareness everywhere as you go about your lives. Be armed and avoid crowds; be civil and polite to everyone you meet, but have a plan to kill them all if need be.

    If TSHTF for real, be prepared to eliminate ‘mercy’ from your lexicon, for ‘they’ will certainly show no mercy.

    I do wonder what the history books will say of this time, though. I suppose it depends on who will be writing them, our progeny or the habitues of faculty lounges and ivy covered colleges. And I suppose further that will be up to us as well.

    Brave new world. I embrace it.

  10. […] cannot set any standards, but is driven in the opposite direction, resulting in a condition where none of the groups in the society get the standards, values systems and moral baselines that they desire. Every group […]

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