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Quotas Can Get People Killed

Harry Callahan was fictional and could therefore express deep frustrations and say things that would get real workers fired.

Here he expresses his utter disgust at the idea of a human resources clerk getting sent into the urban jungle as a police inspector. He is particularly disgusted because the person is being considered for the job simply to field enough female police officers to get the mayor off of the police department’s rear end.

This makes for great fiction. Why? Because, God forbid, this garbage happens in real life. Atavisionary tells us about the female, flyweight firefighter below.

The only part you play is slowing down the men doing the actual work and making them work harder than they otherwise would have to. They have to pick up the slack for everything you can’t do because they are basically down a man. “Small and feisty” translates to tiny, shrill and obnoxious bitch. I am not sure in what circumstances or by whom such traits are valued, but it isn’t in fire fighting. And not in wives for that matter. Lastly, I am advised to stop letting facts get in the way of the righteous fight for social justice because tiny women “care more”. Care more about larping as men than the potential victims of house fires is what I guess she meant.

At 5’2″ 115 pounds, this woman could no more delay the collapse of a roof long enough for a wounded victim to crawl out of an inferno than she could suit up for The English Premier Rugby League and tackle Maro Itoje in full charge. This brings us to kinesiology. At some point, when you really just have to drop your posterior and drive to survive, strength is not just a mental attitude.

At my absolute physical peak, when I was playing collegiate rugby and running 5 miles first thing in the morning 5 days a week, I could squat about 2.5 times my body weight – just once if I were prudent. I weighed in at 200. Let us assume this flyweight firefighter can accomplish the same at 115 lbs. She could get two plates and a quarter on a squat rack. Not bad for a dedicated CPA.

You can see how this would effect her ability to hold up in the sort horrible situation firefighters are paid to charge into like a rhinocerous. Put about 80 lbs of gear on her, and she could barely drag the standard adult male out of a house fire. Assuming she is a very dedicated athlete well after she passes her exams.

And of course this garbage leaks everywhere else as well. Just what are you getting when you call the fire, police or rescue squad? Can you rely on any professional anywhere if they don’t look like the sort of individual that these quota systems typically select against? How many people have thought medicine, law or engineering sounded intersting, but wondered if they could beat the whole quota system? Maybe our next Albert Einstein sells penny stocks in a boiler room instead. It’s the sort of hate thoughts that go through a person’s head as they sit through their annual mandatory EEOC briefing.

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