Civilization Responds To Black Lives Matter

There is a reason why you never give in to ¡DEMANDS! It harkens back to Kipling and the paying of Danegeld. If it works once, you never get rid of them. Thugs always go back and bully a patsy once they find one.

Extortion offers a much greater marginal return on their thuggishness. Here we see #BLM attempt to thug on Dr. Taylor Reveley:

Posted by Black Lives Matter Conference 2017 on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I notice several things from listening to these over-entitled brats with a domineering agenda. They can’t really believe the following demands will end all racial dislike on any particular college campus.

The demands included a tenured diversity position, a required social justice course, an Africana Studies department, a zero-tolerance policy for racism, the hiring of more staff for W&M’s Center for Student Diversity, an emphasis on recruiting black students, and more employment and retention of black faculty.

This caterwauling is, of course, appalling. The constant accusations of these people are pathetic. I can’t make someone commemorate their own history and it should not ever be my job to do this for them. They constantly complain about a lack of inclusion. How do they raise this as a valid point? The College of William and Mary has a higher proportional minority population than the country as a whole. The only reason they are not included is because they are personally obnoxious.

But let’s not be stupid or ingenuous here. These people know that nobody wants them around. They expect that and it is already factored in. When you effectively make your living as a highwayman, it shouldn’t come as a shock that nobody really wants to share the road with you. #BLM expects to threaten, badger and scare the crap out of people. So having Dr. Taylor Reveley tell them he doesn’t deal in demands was a shot across the bow.

“I don’t deal in demands,” said College of William & Mary President W. Taylor Reveley III. “I don’t make demands of other people. I don’t expect to receive demands from people. I love to get suggestions, recommendations, strong arguments. When you approach other people with a demand, instead of their ears opening and their spirit being unusually receptive, you get defensive walls erected,” he continued in the live video streamed on Facebook. “So, I think you all need to think about it.”

And then Dr. Reveley, very nicely albeit, told them to put up or shut up.

“No, no, no, that’s not the way the world works,” Reveley retorted. “It is not effective, in my opinion, to approach other people and say ‘we demand’ unless you have the capacity to demand.”

And this is the key factor here. Leftism falls flat on its face without the sanction of the victim to make it possible. You cannot receive entitlements if nobody accepts the illusion that you are actually entitled. People attending a university are there at that institution’s invitation and sufferance. People holding a State of Alabama Driver’s License hold it by the good graces of the state government. People have no standing to make demands without a certain level of actual skin in the game. Otherwise, they are waghalters, beggars, and louts.

If The College of William and Mary was totally built on the backs of African Americans as #BLM alleges, there is nothing in the world that the e-vil face of bastardly ¡WHITE SUPREMACY! Dr. Reveley could do to stop them from building a bigger, better and blacker William and Mary that put that boring, old stodgy place in Colonial Williamsburg to absolute shame. I just don’t see why these poor, aggrieved people of color haven’t gone forth and done so already. Unless, of course, the entire attitude and belief system of the people in that YouTube video explains it far better than anything else I could blog on the subject.

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7 Responses to “Civilization Responds To Black Lives Matter”

  1. “I don’t deal in demands,” I don’t make demands of other people. I don’t expect to receive demands from people. I love to get suggestions, recommendations, strong arguments. When you approach other people with a demand, instead of their ears opening and their spirit being unusually receptive, you get defensive walls erected”

    Absolutely a classic.

  2. Excrement says:

    > they will build it bigger, better and blacker!

    Unless of course they are stupid [Irish Canadians] who need the white man’s help to figure out even how to build a mud hut.

    • We have zero concern for what type of society they desire and how they want to build it. That is their concern and we should merely encourage them to do what works for them.

  3. J.j. Cintia says:

    They don’t believe it. Its called shucking and jiving. Like a bully, the savage only responds to one thing: FORCE. Savages are either at your feet or at your throat, there is nothing in between. These idiots didn’t fight for freedom, they got it handed to them, BY WHITES. It may be seen as a gift, or something that can be removed just as quickly. Like everything in their worthless existence, they didn’t EARN IT.

    • Jpw says:

      You mean they didn’t build that.

    • Amerika and related sites (ANUS, CORRUPT) has one significant contribution: there are no bad races, only races out of place. Ancient Ethiopia was pretty magic and many of us are hoping for an Ethiopian revival and reconquest of the African continent.

      The point is, no matter how good and smart other groups are, the West needs to go it alone. We need to act in self-interest, for ourselves, and without contact with others, because this is how we thrive, and right now we’re just using other races as pity parties or scapegoats.

  4. Diane D says:

    Fact: Abraham Lincoln is the highest ranking white supremacist in the history of the United States. He wanted all American Africans’ to be deported out of the country, preferably to Africa.

    Quoting Lincoln, “Even when you cease to be slaves, you are yet far removed from being placed on equality with the White race. On this broad continent, not a single man of your race is made the equal of a single man of ours.”

    Source: The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Rutgers University Press, 1953, Vol. V, pages 371–375.

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