Brexit Signals The Coming Wave Of Government Obsolescence

Liberal democracy won — during the past era of history — because of fear. People feared being excluded, or rejected for their bad decisions, or even being persecuted for political trends. Instead of option for cooperation, they attempted to control compulsion by making it “good” or universally accepting.

That created a cascade of other bad decisions culminating in, as Francis Fukuyama noted, an end-stage of liberal democracy paired with the welfare state and capitalism, basically a compilation of all of the previous attempts to make a working modern society. It borrowed as much from Communism and Fascism as it did classical liberalism.

With Brexit, we are seeing the cresting of a wave against not just the EU, but the idea of government itself. The average normal functional person does not need government; we are happiest during government shutdowns. In fact, our lives are mostly centered around local events, and we want national government to just run itself moderately well without our interference.

The libertarian boom of the 90s and 00s was doomed but also prescient. It wanted to use the law to defend against the herd taking whatever its members had accumulated; while this was doomed, it also introduced a new idea, which was that for ordinary life, government is irrelevant and in fact nothing more than a bother. People need stability not “progress.”

Libertarianism by itself means nothing other than a defense of the ability to retain what one has worked for. Throughout history, this has been a failing position, because the parasites merely vote themselves a “right” to whatever you have. But, through its criticism, libertarianism introduced the idea that government is a proxy of the parasitic crowd.

We want no government. We need leaders — like kings — and we need a social hierarchy such as occurs through a caste system, and some kind of guidance through culture. Beyond that, all of what government does is unnecessary and merely a pretext for taking what we have. We would rather it just went away. Government shutdown? Forever, if possible.

The future belongs to a new type of society. It will be organic, informal and decentralized. And yet, unlike our failure of a society, it will have order: strong hierarchy and caste. Brexit and Trump are the first steps toward the recognition of what we actually want, and they start with removing the idea of government as necessary and a good guy, because it is neither. It is merely another parasite.

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8 Responses to “Brexit Signals The Coming Wave Of Government Obsolescence”

  1. Godomar says:

    Governments are already obsolete. Remember when Belgium had no government for 1.5 years? Everything was the same. You can place Mao or Hitler in power, nothing will change. Governments are empty houses.

    Infrastructures = dalit-power.

    The globalists use highways, boats, planes, power plants, shopping malls, the internet. There is no centralization. Governments are scapegoats, the illusion of power.

    • Asian Reactionary says:

      When did Belgium not have a government? Curious.

      • Godomar says:

        I just check and I got it wrong, anyway, the 2010 elections were a failure and formed a non-working government.

        My point was that infrastructures make globalism possible. When you can go anywhere on the planet in less than a day, countries and borders become meaningless, especially for the average human.

  2. Rather than Englishmen reconsidering Domesday Book feudalism, or Adam Mueller’s corporate society, or some other non-absolutist organic social order, what will most likely happen post-Brexit is more mismanagement, mediocrity and stagnation now done with more powerful weapons like independent fiscal policy.

    After all, you’re not going to get a new Duke of Wellington or anything like that.

  3. James Kelly says:

    Dear Brett if you get rid of government you need to get rid of the other creamer offers like central banks, big law firms and other parasites.

  4. Stuart says:

    What you say is true.
    What the reader needs to realize is this:

    Between the next to last paragraph and the last paragraph is absolute civil war. The powers that be will not go quietly into the night. Who wins remains to be seen and will depend on the character of the citizenry.

    • The powers that be will not go quietly into the night.

      This is true, and the situation gets even worse: they are a dying industry that has become obsolete and so their only salvation lies in artificial assertion of political control in order to stay relevant. This makes them a caged, cornered and paranoid animal that will attack at the slightest provocation, or without it.

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