Black Nationalism As Independence From All Other Ethnic Groups

Nationalism was restyled as “racism” by Leftists who wanted ideology to replace culture, family, religion, heritage and morality. This leaves us in a time where most people believe that nationalism is about one race being superior to others.

In reality, Nationalism means that each ethnic group needs command of itself so that it can direct its future, establish its own laws and cultural standards, and work for the benefit of its people. This contrasts the modern idea that sees people as a means to political and economic ends, and wants to standardize them for convenience of control.

One African-descended writer recently expressed Nationalism as independence from all other tribes, even in thought:

The day I know the black man is free, is when we can write and speak for ourselves without inciting unnecessary hate or love for that matter, for whiteness. The day we feel our words hold power all on their own without a single reference, positive or negative, about whiteness. Kind of like the same maturity required to go on a date without talking about your ex. You’ve written a lot of word to in essence say you don’t care about what white people think or say about whatever the show is going to be about. But in writing it at all you already show just the opposite.

…You are not doing us a favor by insisting that all of the black experience for over 1.5billion people all over the world who have a darker skin tone, can be reduced to one moment in our history 200 years ago. A moment that by perpetuating endlessly, you and others like yourself, imprison us to. You cant say you don’t care about something when it’s all you talk about. We don’t need you or shows like this attempting to defend us or claiming to speak or write on all our behalf. We are not a hive mind and we are not all stricken by this black slavery PTSD thing that leaves you triggered and shooting articles from the hip at every thing white people do or say about one arguable poorly conceived title.

No ethnic group really exists when it must define itself in terms of other groups, but diversity forces this on all groups because of the question of whether to accept assimilation into a beige-grey cultureless race and reap the benefits of the economic and political system, or resist it and be outsiders much like Black Panthers, La Raza, Kahanists and White Power groups have been in democratic societies.

In this sense Nationalism is independence for the group from the dominant trend toward entropy that occurs through miscegenation, cultural dissolution through ideology, and other “right” ideas that humans idealize because they emphasize individualism. Nationalism rejects individualism and replaces it with the idea of shared purpose and meaning, but it cannot do that in the presence of Others.

For this reason, all who are Nationalist are joined in the same fight, even if they are from groups that consider themselves enemies or if they are accepting of some groups (“model minorities”). The problem is not the other groups; the problem is diversity. Very few can wrap their head around that argument, but more can do it now that over two decades ago when I was first writing about it.

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11 Responses to “Black Nationalism As Independence From All Other Ethnic Groups”

  1. Meow Blitz says:

    Some folks from the black nationalist Hotep Movement have shown some interest in the Alt Right recently. I don’t know what, if anything, could come from it but it would be a positive development if something like that actually took off. I won’t hold my breath given the short history of these kinds of alliances.

    • Avraham Rosenblum says:

      I do not think black are very patriotic towards the USA. I would not encourage them in what I see as wrong minded directions.

  2. The world needs Fascist Democracies. Like what Israel has.

    A Fascist Democracy isn’t just about blood and soil.

    It isn’t just about a nation of blood and soil protected by bullets.

    It is a nation of blood and soil protected by bullets and decided by ballots.

    A Fascist Democracy is a nation of blood & soil and bullets & ballots.

    Israel shows it is possible.

    John McCain, the cuck servant of globalism claims to be for universalism and against nationalism of ‘blood and soil’. But universalism of whose supremacy? Which group shall rule the world? Isn’t it the GLOB?
    But then, McCain is totally supportive of Israel that is premised on blood and soil and strong borders and militarism. But then, Israeli democracy is strong precisely because of unity of blood and soil and national pride. In contrast, look what’s happening to Western Democracies as they opt for Diversity and rejection of blood and soil as basis. They are falling apart.

    Democracy is good, but it must be premised on something strong like blood and soil and militant pride.

    What is good for Israel is surely good for rest of humanity, especially since all American and European leaders heap praise on Israel and its need to be a Jewish nation.

    • Why on earth would we repeat failed experiments like democracy, racism, anti-Semitism, and fascism?

      We need something that works: nationalism.

      This alone brings sanity, and if others want to be democratic about it, good luck to them but it will not work.

      What is good for Israel is good for Israel; the rest of us want this to be true because the diaspora must end, and Israel helps establish the cause of worldwide nationalism.

  3. Anonymous White Male says:

    I have a feeling that black “Nationalism” means existing around White people but calling it a black nation. Oh, and look how light skinned Haile Selassie and his wife are. Have you ever noticed that when blacks use examples of “black” accomplishment they are usually about what a mulatto has done. Sometimes these “blacks” can pass for White. It is like calling Obongo black. He is a mulatto. Of course, most Whites don’t have the intellectual honesty to admit that these “credits to their race” are not black, but mongrels. Same with IQ. I also notice that mulattoes often hate Whites more than dark black negroes. Best if we do from separate Nations. Maybe not for negroes, but definitely for Whites.

    • Black Nationalism would mean black nations for black people. The modern form, like American conservatism, is twisted in an attempt to make it “easy” for voters to accept. It is a mass movement, and mass movements and mass culture are all infested with lies. A sensible form of nationalism would recognize that each group needs its own space and repatriate them to their continents of origin.

      • Anonymous White Male says:

        Blacks, as a whole, are pragmatic. They had the opportunity to migrate to Liberia and be in charge of their own destiny. Did they? The first African American settlers, known as Americo-Liberians, landed in 1822. The colony declared itself an independent nation in 1847. By 1864 approximately 15,000 African Americans had settled there. The flow of immigrants dwindled to nearly zero following the end of the U.S. Civil War and the emancipation of slaves in America. In 1870, the population of blacks in America was slightly less than 5 million. 15,000 over a 42 year period, some of which were freedmen. An insignificant percentage. Even when they were enslaved, blacks preferred being around Whites to being responsible for their own lives. I realize this is an oversimplification. The American Colonization Society, along with a few church and private donors provided money for black repatriation. But, governments did not and individual blacks usually did not have the wherewithal. It does, however, show that true freedom was not and still is not an overarching concern for negroes. Better “de white debil” they know as opposed to the angel they don’t.

        • Even when they were enslaved, blacks preferred being around Whites to being responsible for their own lives.

          This sounds radical until one realizes that European serfs did the same thing for many centuries, to the benefit of serf and lord alike.

          Diversity remains entrenched in this society because we offer handouts. Right now it is done through socialized government, but even being poor in America was not so terrible because there were functional institutions which attempted to help. Every now and then we have a big kaboom like the Great Depression, which was the consequence of liberalization here just as the post French Revolutionary depressions were the result of Leftism in France, but otherwise, people have had it pretty good here.

  4. Ahmose Hotep bin Awaliki says:

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    • Anonymous White Male says:

      I am in awe at your command of the English language. Did you graduate from Cambridge, perchance?

    • -A says:

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