American Revolution 2.0


Unless you were fortunate enough to be hiding under a rock for the last twenty-four hours, you know that a planned Donald Trump rally in Chicago turned into a violent riot instigated by MoveOn, George Soros, Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders supporters.

What common factor do these groups share? They are all Leftist. As liberal democracy has spent itself into oblivion, debilitating its economies, and simultaneously made a series of horrible leadership decisions under leaders like Barack Obama and former Communist Angela Merkel, people have become desperate. And now their divisions are showing.

On one side are the committed Leftists: people who believe that egalitarianism, including its economic offshoot socialism, will solve our problems. On the other side, everyone else, including conservatives which now come in a dozen varieties based on degree of compromise with the Left-leaning governments the West has had since 1945.

Normally these divisions stay concealed. We mouth platitudes about free speech and each doing what makes sense to him, but secretly, the two sides hate each other because the societies they desire are incompatible. A Leftist world is the USSR to Rightists; a Rightist world is the NSDAP to Leftists. We want entirely different things but to be first to admit that is to be seen as an aggressor.

That barrier has been broken. By instigating the biggest political riots in America since the 1960s, the Left has declared war on all who have not joined the Left. The luxury of not taking sides no longer exists. You are either with them, or you are a target, and they consider “any means necessary” to include violence, theft, sexual assault and attacks on police for stopping the mayhem, as the Trump rally riot showed.

Trump, of course, has come out a champion. His comments both showed a leadership concern for the welfare of his people, and recognition of the transition through which America (and Europe, by extension) have just passed:

Following the melee, Trump said on MSNBC that he thinks he made the right decision in canceling the rally because he didn’t “want to see people hurt or worse.”

“We have a country that is so divided, that maybe you don’t even understand,” Trump continued. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The divisions that have fractured America for centuries have come to the surface. These divisions arose entirely with the insistence of Leftists that they dominate this country, as they have dominated others and in the process destroyed them. They claim their disagreement is on certain issues, but in reality, they want a Leftist empire here. One where the strong are forced to serve the weak so that “equality” can be maintained.

As in Russia, France, Venezuela, Cuba and everywhere else it has been tried this will end in a burned-out third-world civilization with no hope of rising above that state, which is why even non-Rightists oppose it. History has spoken clearly on the matter, but the Bernie fans and MoveOn zombies know nothing of history, and they don’t care. They want what they want, and the rest of us should foot the bill and bow before them.

Some are still undecided. Europeans in particular point to their socialistic liberal democracies and claim that this type of society can work, but they do so from among the ruins of their immigration policy, failing defense and debt-laden societies where people are so miserable they do not reproduce at replacement rates. “Work” by that definition is equal to not work, because it is mostly a degree of that latter state.

Many Americans have woken up to the deception. They have realized that the welfare state means a permanent underclass, immigration means ethnic replacement, and liberal “tolerance” means a steady march toward tyranny. They are now recalling warnings from the past about how government is a self-interested actor that, if given a blank check mandate like “equality” and “diversity,” will quickly become near totalitarian.

And so, we wake after the Trump rally riots and realize a choice is thrust upon us. Do we go back to the 1980s and earlier, where there is no social welfare (backdoor socialism) and no great push for diversity? Or do we continue the march into what these rioters want, which is a subsidy state in which the former American majority is endlessly punished for its crimes, as in South Africa?

The real loser tonight was the group of moderates who keep trying to make these incompatible political philosophies function together. They cannot: conservatives want a society of performance before reward to encourage people toward greater heights, where liberals want reward before performance so that everyone is included. These two visions cannot coexist it and it is not surprising that tonight, they finally clashed.

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12 Responses to “American Revolution 2.0”

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  2. Paul Bonneau says:

    Either a true secession, or a political one (Panarchy), or submission or war. Those seem to be the choices.

  3. JumpinJackFash says:

    I am upset that Trump cancelled. I want to see street battles a la Weimar Germany between the left and the right. How much longer will we capitulate to them? How much more humiliation and defeat must we endure? When does it stop?

    They wanted this, its about time we gave them what they want, good and hard.

    • Stuart Inhell says:

      I am sure that leftists will be miserably crushed in a street fight. And crushed to be is what they wanted. Cameras will show that all Trumpeans are Hitlers.

      I think avoiding such things and being confident is correct from the suppoerters of Trump. To beat the leftists in one street fight is a leftist movement.

    • Vegetable says:

      I have a feeling you will get to see all of that. As stated, there is no middle ground. The left has been pushing and soon there will be pushback. There will be civil war unlike any ever seen in this country.
      Once the right has been pushed far enough that it has to defend, once blood starts to flow, the right will go apeshit…

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  5. crow says:

    Nobody wins in a war, but sometimes it is preferable to lose with honor, than to quietly submit to dishonor.

  6. Dark Axe says:

    The provocations and tyranny by the left is setting the stage for the silent majority to win the largest right wing electoral landslide in US history.

  7. David Landro says:

    There is no Left or Right, Just Us or them… The ideologies on the surface differ; however, in practice, they are both headed in the same direction… Both have the same end game in mind. In both scenarios, We The People are the losers. Global domination… the goal. Either be placated by the carrot of an illusion of choice with the possibility of change hanging in front of your nose or realize that there is no carrot and the only change offered by either group is subjugation. Liberty and freedom, casualties with no shots fired.

    There is another choice that offers real change but requires that one pulls one’s head out of one’s ass. It’s messy and uncomfortable. Got Tribe?

  8. Phenias Option says:

    The Marxist / socialist do not have the guns and are short sided about where power comes from. 100 million
    gun owners w 400 millions lace guns will not be wronged very much longer. The entitled will get their just deserts, a shallow mass grave. Chicago like New Orleans w all
    of its corruption is an overflowing shit toilet that needs to be flushed and will be. Trump will not forget Chicagos
    lack of hospitality for his rally. Why would you even want to hold a rally there in the first place? Conservatives are such a minority in Sicago it does not make sense to me to even go their.

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