A “Hard Reset” Is Coming


Whatever the outcome of this election, a permanent schism has occurred. The con man and his “mark” (victim) have recognized each other, and the relationship is now adversarial.

For years, Americans and Europeans slept in a consumer wonderland. They were told that the evil of Hitler had been banished and now everything would be Utopian. This required giving much of their income to the State for use in social welfare benefits, but it did not seem expensive, to avoid these problems.

Over time, views have changed. Instead of mitigating problems, the government made them worse. Where once there were only a few angry minority groups, now much of America seems occupied by third-world populations who blame the white people for the poverty, disorder and crime in these areas.

And yet, when actions are taken to fix this, they are never enough and if they fail, white people are blamed. The third-world portion of our society is entirely dependent on the white middle class for taxes that pay for the benefits it demands, and whenever someone balks, the race riots come out.

Finally we elected a black president. The thought was that now we could all get along. Instead, divisions are more clear than ever as white people realize they, too, are a minority group and can represent their own interests just like any other special interest group. This has incensed the dependents.

At the top of the pile, government waves its magic wand and makes problems go away; that these problems return in greater number and severity is fine by government, because it wants an excuse to increase its budget. We already spend more on education, healthcare, policing and public welfare than any other first-world nation, and now we are $20 trillion in the hole with debt.

There is nowhere for this to go but collapse. Government will continue to grow, draining wealth from the middle class who will become impoverished. Third-world immigrants will become the majority, and all elections will be won by Leftists. White people will die out from poverty, violence and existential misery.

The Alt Right rose because it recognized that ethnic identity and variations between individuals are more important than the doctrine of equality. We can build an empire on homogeneity and hierarchy, but not on equality. Equality is a type of entropy that drains all energy from the system and leaves it depleted.

White people in the US and EU are realizing now that Leftism is a pathology that will never stop. Its goal is Utopian, and not measured in reality-based metrics, but in feelings and symbols. It will grind us into the ground and leave a smoking wasteland, and never consider that it might do so.

The Leftist train — single women, unhappy neurotics, ethnic minorities and sexual non-conformists — will push for total control and displace all things that make a healthy and happy society. White people are the sacrifice to this end, both as a cash cow to be milked for taxes, and an enemy of the state against whom discrimination is encouraged.

In the meantime, all of the elements of the Leftism dream have failed. Diversity has created social chaos. Sexual liberation has destroyed the family. Consumerism has burned itself out, and globalism become a threat to the world economy. The environment is savaged, social order ruined, and wealth dissipated through Leftist policies.

People are beginning to have some realizations.

They are recognizing that the current system was sold to them on the basis of lies, and therefore is null as a contract. What was promised was not delivered, and the opposite was delivered instead. They voted for racial reconciliation, charity and tolerance, and got a Soviet-style ideological authoritarian government.

They are seeing that the current social and political order cannot stand because it is toxic to the experience of normal, healthy life. The proposition nation of different ethnicities cannot work, nor can the social welfare programs, nor even the public education. Democracy has failed by self-destructing.

They are observing that ideology is a popularity contest that always finds the wrong answer because it is based on symbols and feelings, not reality. Whatever uses a popularity contest to find answers will create dangerous lies and destroy all who notice that these lies are in fact untruths.

They are perceiving that democracy = Leftism because once one drop of egalitarian thinking taints the pool, the whole thing becomes infected with a rapidly-reproducing virus that leads people to self-destruct in pursuit of an emotional goal. It is simply an evil, deceptive and corrupt idea.

They are also getting the feeling that “birds of a feather flock together” works, while the rainbow nation turns every group into a victim and forces them to fight one another.

The core of the Alt Right — and what normal people are noticing — is that population is politics. Genetics are our destiny, both as a group and in the different abilities of individuals. One rule for everyone is not a workable strategy. Mobs are destructive.

A thought closely related to this then appears: “Systems” — labyrinths of rules designed to reach the right answer — do not work. Putting the best people in charge does, and by the same token, the crazy and chronically unhappy people out there must be disenfranchised and oppressed or they will destroy us.

Systems create proxies, or intermediate measurements through rules and measurements, that are quickly gamed because they are simpler than reality and easy to manipulate. Without good people stopping the insanity, it increases itself and quickly reverses the meaning of all good intentions.

Instead we need an organic understanding of society, and that conflicts with equality in all and any forms. In organic systems, many parts of unequal roles work together by pursuing basic concepts like self-interest. They are kept in check by those above them, forming a hierarchy.

This method of civilization has worked since the dawn of time. Democracy, equality and diversity were experiments, and now we have our answer.

All of those involved in the counter-reaction to the Leftist reign of the past two centuries share these basic observations or inclinations. We went along with the plan while it seemed to work, but now we realize it is a path to doom.

Whatever happens in this election, the schism is permanent, and will result in the separation of different groups by identity. These will not be inclined toward Leftism, at least for whites, and they will be forced to defend themselves against the other 95% of humanity that wants to dominate them and take what they have.

In short, we stand on the precipice of a new dark age. Unlike the last couple centuries, this one is based in reality and so can provide for us a healthy and normal life, if we are brave enough to accept it. As of right now, the conflict rages in our hearts, but soon it will spill out onto the streets.

Stockpile ammo and canned goods.

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22 Responses to “A “Hard Reset” Is Coming”

  1. Jake Saga says:

    Wow. You are really pounding out the inspiration. God bless you.
    Even my somewhat liberal wife realizes the truth, to some extent. She voted for Trump, and no democrats. My son witnessed this.
    Our “Christian” school pays the salary of a “director of diversity.” What a waste. We are leaving the school.

  2. josef haddad says:

    good luck america. vote wisely. hails from beirut, lebanon.

  3. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    I think the Constitution would work if faith had been strong. Faith and reason seems to have been the working formula of the Middle Ages and i think it worked well. Two things worked against this. The constant attacks on faith cases it to weaken plus that fanatical faith which opened Protestants to the Dark Side. Also teh Constitution was never meant to be workable except for a certain kind of people–people that believed in the Bible. Most of it was modeled on the Virginia Constitution written by John Locke and there there was a requirement to be part of a church –any church. Plus John Locke saw the danger of Islam and said openly not to let any of them in in his Two Treaties.

  4. Mark says:

    Rock solid piece. Love reading the contributions from amerika.org!

  5. J.j. Cintia says:

    White Men may be the enemy of this rump state, but they are also the ones keeping it from sinking into ruin. We can easily destroy these pathetic and stupid morons. If they kill us, they will slowly starve and fight for the scraps until their bones calcify and bleach in the sun. We can destroy them simply by cutting them off from us. Stop working for them, and paying for their meals, and they will either leave or die. Again, if they kill us, they just die a slower and more painful death. These idiots can shout all they want about how unfair it is, and that we owe them something. Yeah, kiss my ass. You don’t know me, and I don’t care. You aliens and freeloaders mean nothing to me, maybe less than nothing.

  6. Exilarch says:

    > Stockpile ammo and canned goods.

    So now even according to you, the shit is about to hit the fan and our pretenses of having peace and being “civilized” will come crashing down in a retarded scat porn nightmare?

  7. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    I think this is a very significant election because it will determine if the American Republic can survive or will be washed away by barbarian hordes. And if America falls to the barbarians, that is the end of Western Civilization.

  8. Cynical Optimist says:

    It’s easy to see how things have gotten so polarized. You have two options:

    Left: self-pity and lack of confidence, a denial of personal responsibility and joining a utopian ideology. consuming products with flashy marketing and not much substance: these products are not just tech gadgets and hybrid cars but also entertainment and “higher education” and state-of-the-art political correctness. all this consumption of course does nothing to help the emptiness, and so leftists are constantly marketing themselves, constructing a flashy veneer just like the cheap shit above. they market themselves through social media and all of these things. more consumption and self-marketing follow by more emptiness, it’s a positive feedback loop.

    Right: personal responsibility and the will and desire to change from within. hence, religion. hard work through real jobs. entertainment via family and local community connections. more pride in one’s environment and one’s accomplishments; rightfully, more sense of ownership and property and a skepticism of outsiders. more inner stability leads to less of a need for novelty; maintain things rather than trash and replace. a recognition of cause and effect and agency, and yet also a recognition of our limits; a recognition of the divine.

    Now magnify this by 320 million or 7 billion.

    • Tony says:

      The third option (or lack of) is the killer. I’m in Texas which one would think would lean Trump but I know very many not voting because they don’t like either. I’m the first to admit my vote was a ‘vote against’ but the lack of apathy is sickening.

  9. Cynical Optimist says:

    a timely, upbeat and beautiful 80s tune:

    Well you didn’t wake up this morning ’cause you didn’t go to bed
    You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red
    The calendar on your wall was ticking the days off
    You’ve been reading some old letters
    You smile and think how much you’ve changed
    All the money in the world couldn’t buy back those days

    You pull back the curtain
    And the sun burns into your eyes
    You watch a plane flying
    Across a clear blue sky
    This is the day, your life will surely change
    This is the day, when things fall into place

    You could have done anything, if you wanted
    And all your friends and family think that you’re lucky
    But the side of you they’ll never see
    Is when you’re left alone with your memories
    That hold your life together, like glue


  10. JPW says:

    All it takes is an external stimulus like a market crash, war or a natural disaster. A semi-stable equilibrium will behave that way.

  11. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    Sorry about that. John Locke and the Earl of Shaftesbury were the authors of the Carolina Constitutions. That is what I think provided a blue print for the later Constitution of the USA

  12. james wilson says:

    On the other hand, time might be devoted to imagining a future, a continually diminished future to be sure, that both leads and follows a dimmed citizenry down. One only needs to look at the very poor quality of life that existed in Eastern Europe under the communists. How hard is it to sustain something a little more palatable than that? And, the methods of control we have developed here, both technical and psychological, are far more ingenious. The Roman Empire disintegrated for a longer period of time than the Roman Republic existed.

    It may be that the guns, cans, and ammo right are the incurable optimist.

  13. Dualist says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Avraham, about the middle ages and Protestants. Interesting analysis of the Constitution, too. I’d only read Locke’s Second Treatise, so it’s interesting to hear he mentions Islam in the First. Muslims are the common enemy of Christians and Jews.

    But this evening of all we think of the present, and the future. As Brett warned in the stark, brilliant essay above, we stand on the precipice of a new dark age.

    iacta alea est….

    • Dualist says:

      Meant to be a reply to Avraham, Brett.

      And I was so happy I only needed italics for the last sentence…..

    • Avraham Rosenblum says:

      Thanks Dualist for your reply. I did not go much into John Locke but I do think his approach is right but with a kind of modification based on Kant. Kant and Locke have a lot in common but to defend Locke one would need the ideas of Kant.

      • Avraham Rosenblum says:

        Habermas also noted that John Locke needs “retuning.” But he did not suggest anything. My suggestion is to go with the Kant/Friesian School. Habermas himself just mentioned this in his critique on Rawl’s theory of justice.

  14. That is a great article. Your instincts are quite credible and compelling; we are indeed on a “path to doom.” Sure, we might arrive at such a disaster a bit faster with particular elected officials – but we will reach that destination no matter which political candidates might happen to gain the reins of power.

    There is no realistic way that the few remnant Anglos would be able to “defend themselves against the other 95% of humanity.” Destruction, then, is just a matter of time for the old, traditional America. Once we accept that our downfall is inevitable, we can better enjoy the scenery on the way to our destiny. If our culture is in a decline, the walk is all that much easier the closer we get to the bottom.

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