2017: A Year Of Authentic Hope

Someone else writing about the collapse of Western Civilization formulated a description of authentic hope, which shows us that with the turning of the tide comes the certainty of victory:

On the other hand, there is no authentic hope for humanity and the biosphere generally in my not-so-humble opinion. But what do I mean by “authentic” hope? We define it by contrasting it with false (Flatland) hope. Here is what false hope looks like. False hope…

  • takes human nature out of the equation by positing a blank slate (anything is possible)
  • expresses instinctual optimism about the future, and is in this sense obligatory.
  • expresses instinctual anthropocentrism
  • expresses instinctual technophilia (technology solves all problems)

False hope thus amounts to mindless (instinctual) cheer-leading for the human species. And there is one more thing about false hope:

  • false hope is emotionally warm & fuzzy, but also ephemeral and meaningless.

For example, most everybody forgets all about that hopeful Ted Talk 5 minutes after its over. Everybody applauds, sings Kum-Ba-Yah and then goes home. Nothing much happens thereafter. In short, false hope amounts to yet another happy moment in the life of a social, story-telling species.

And now, let’s turn to authentic hope. What would that look like? Authentic hope…

  • puts human nature front and center
  • asks humans to examine and acknowledge their deeply flawed behavior without filters (blinders)
  • asks humans to examine and acknowledge the probable and primitive evolutionary roots of that behavior
  • asks the seemingly impossible by challenging humans to transcend various instinctual drives, defenses and biases in order to make fundamental, positive behavioral changes

And there is one more thing about authentic hope:

  • authentic hope is brutal; it is unrelenting. Once the process is put it place, it goes on forever and applies to everybody (no backsliding).

2008 was a year of despair. Doing what seemed to be the right thing had ended in disaster for America and Europe in the middle east. The forces of decay, emboldened by that failure, made a hardcore push to get crazy Leftists elected in the USA and EU. This prompted an onslaught of terrible policy decisions which will haunt us for many years.

On the other hand, these events made explicit the failings of the Leftist system. Problems got worse, not better, and people were existentially miserable, knowing that even if they patched up their systems, society would still be a series of meaningless acts like jobs and red tape which make life ugly and sad, which rewards only those who are already ugly and sad by dragging others down to their level.

In 2015, the pushback began. Britain opted out of the globalist project the European Union, and Americans polarized against the Leftist ideal because they saw it in action and the results were miserable. This birthed authentic hope: that not only could we defeat immediate problems, but that we could root out their origins and destroy them.

At this point, the momentum is on our side, and we only fail if we engage in meaningless extremes, or fail to engage in the necessary meaningful extreme of removing Leftism entirely and its root, the individualism/solipsism which was the weakness in the Garden of Eden and still lives in every one of us. We must defeat our social and self-centered monkey nature, and restore Western Civilization.

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11 Responses to “2017: A Year Of Authentic Hope”

  1. Asian Reactionary says:

    Adorable photo. Where is it from?

  2. -A says:

    2017 should be the Year of the Clique/Gang/Colony/Network. Alt-Right should be a spring board for White people to connect. With a steady and healthy foundation of increasingly sizable (though not all-inclusive) and numerous ethnic neighborhoods and ethnic networks, it would be a good way to influence the rest of the public and the drained swamp Trump hopefully initiates.

    #YearOfTheEthne ?

  3. DysgenicGarbagge says:

    I must disagree on one regard. There is a TED Talk that gives me hope in times of darkness and despair, and it was given by internet troll made flesh/ mass shooter Sam Hyde.

  4. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    Authentic hope would be to close the Humanities and Social Studies departments of all universities.

  5. Cryptogenic says:

    There is massive disappointment in your future if you think politics and voting have just turned the tide forever and amen.

    • Essentially. The West has a big task ahead of it, which is inventing the will to be good, and from that, the will to survive and do what is necessary to be great again.

  6. BlackPhillip says:

    “the momentum is on our side, and we only fail if we engage in meaningless extremes, or fail to engage in the necessary meaningful extreme of removing Leftism entirely and its root”

    This I believe is a key. Engaging in meaningless extremes will only push away those who are beginning to view leftism as the true evil.

    • Engaging in meaningless extremes will only push away those who are beginning to view leftism as the true evil.

      I completely agree. Everitt Foster said in chat this morning that we should have two rules:

      1. No Nazi decorations/slogans/insignia.
      2. Anyone who criticizes the Nazis gets booted.

      This is a paraphrase of course, so is not completely accurate, but hopefully I got the idea.

      We need no meaningless extremes, but we need to focus on practicality: Leftism is bad policy and based on insanity, so we must remove it, as we would any other bad/insane policy. There is nothing more to the quest (for now) than that.

      In the future, we can talk about rebuilding Western civilization and accelerating it, but for now, removing the parasite is important, provided that we keep in mind that we are doing this because ultimately we have an even more exciting goal on the horizon.

  7. J.j. Cintia says:

    In the end, extremism is getting the job done. people who aren’t extreme don’t get it. It may not seem like a zero sum game to you, but to your inferior foes it is. You don’t play by their rules and ignore their false stories and lies, but knowing their point of view is essential to crushing them and defeating them ultimately. You see life as what you make it. What you do and make is yours and your property. This is a Western View not shared by failed races whose only way of life is killing and looting others. To them all property is a prize, fought for and gained through threats and force. Talking and reason is lost on these scum. Its just their way and no “Christian” values shall disabuse them of this. The Third World is rich in resources, some still virgin and untouched. The reason is these fools do not see the value of work and their Stone Age hunter gatherer ways precludes their possibility of understanding being productive and making your own life. Brutal dictators to you, are just chiefs and leaders to them. Disabuse yourself of any notions it will change.
    For them what you have is for the taking. Only overwhelming force with the threat of extinction and Death will force them to acknowledge it is your. It matters not to these scum who made it or who owns it now. To them it is merely a prize kept or taken through overwhelming and terminal force.