Updated “about” page


I updated the About page. I am trying new ways to introduce this site to people who don’t have a background in New Right, Traditionalist, Neoreaction, Dark Enlightenment, Third Position, Paleoconservative, etc. positions.

5 Responses to “Updated “about” page”

  1. Ian says:

    Brett, have you ever considered adding one of those buttons that allows you to share a post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.? I share many of your articles, but I always have to copy and paste the URL. It would be easier if there were just a button to click on to share it. It might help more people find this site.

  2. crow says:

    You might mention it being a very good way to avoid depression, elude despair, embrace ostracism, and stay sane. A comprehensive survival kit for modern times.

    • LoreTek says:

      That it is indeed!

      I have the picture of the little tree growing out of the sidewalk, from the “Thank God for Progress!” essay, as my desktop background, it brings me much of the same feelings every time I turn on my magic screen box! I’m very thankful for that little tree to say the least :)

  3. Tony says:

    I promote the site every opportunity I can. The trouble I find is actually explaining what the site is about. I get you are trying to preserve the conservative culture and thought, but I often wonder is that enough to light a fire of interest in most sheeple. Maybe promoting conservative thought would better explain the site to my people.
    So challenging it is to get through to sheeple that have no concept of what they want, evading the knowledge of what to value and seek.

  4. Tony says:

    Maybe changing the hamburger to an In-N-Out Double-Double would attract more .