“Civil Rights Fatigue” on Alternative Right


I am fortunate to be able to announce that a piece of mine, “Civil Rights Fatigue” has been accepted at anti-modernist blog Alternative Right.

While the right-wing underground divides itself on many issues, it agrees on more than it does not: mass democracy fails, ecocide is real, nationalism keeps a nation happy, and we do not need liberal ideological government at all.

Since we are in agreement on the big issues, I have been reaching out to notable right-wing blogs in an attempt to draw us all closer to the point of action. Alternative Right, on which I have been gratefully published for several years, has kindly printed me alongside other right-wing, new right, identitarian, neoreactionary, radical traditionalist and dark enlightenment luminaries.

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4 Responses to ““Civil Rights Fatigue” on Alternative Right”

  1. Ramises says:

    Your article is very interesting. I’m a 40 year old black guy (Independent voter) and have civil right fatigue. Why? Because I’m burnt out on cries of racism in situations where there isn’t racism. Since we can’t be honest about multiculturalism and many fallacies in it, your article makes even more since.

    “Nationalism does not connote, as its detractors argue, preference against other races. Instead, nationalism demonstrates preference for its own ethnic group.”

    This point is interesting. I’m an American. I feel the nationalism as an American. As a person that has traveled to more than a few countries including the Netherlands, the UK, France, and Japan, there is no place I’d rather be than in the United States of America. But I’ve asked myself this many times: what about American nationalism I love so much? And I arrive at the same answer many times: the accomplishments of white Americans and white conservatism.

    Not that there aren’t black conservatives (which I am). But the conservatism I love was an ideal by white people. The things that I use everyday were created 99% of the time by white people. Of course we black folks have had accomplishments in music (especially jazz, gospel, and blues) and a few other areas. But they pale in comparison to the LIFE CHANGING tools, services, and ideas that are woven in the fabric of the USA. This nationalism I love and have instilled in my children IS white. It is not black. That’s not hatred. Or self-hatred (I love myself deeply). It’s just facts.

    So when I read your article, I can’t help but feel a sense of exclusion on the ethnic front. But your points are sound. Maybe me and other black Americans who feel the same way about America, calling in life is to fight to establish what we love about America in that separate state. A helluva fight and we may go the way of the 300 Spartans, but a noble and needed fight.

    Great article!

    • NotTheDude says:

      I’m not American, but I know America and elsewhere need more like you who are not Europeans (aka white) to turn to this saner thinking. Maybe there is a kind of unspoken brotherhood or respect amongst Nationalist worldwide. I hope so. Good luck.

  2. JPV says:

    Great input, Ramises.

  3. John Engelman says:

    In the two generations since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed American blacks as a collective group have substantiated arguments presented against the Civil Rights Act before it was passed into law.

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was followed by five years of black ghetto rioting, and more enduring increases in black crime and illegitimacy.

    In his book “An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy” Gunnar Myrdal acknowledged lower average black academic achievement, and higher rates of crime and illegitimacy. He argued that these were caused by racial discrimination. He also argued that once racial discrimination came to an end blacks would behave and perform as well as whites.

    What happened instead was that black academic performance improved little if at all; black behavior got worse; white behavior got worse too.

    The real American dilemma is that if a country with a large black population denies those blacks equal rights it will deny them to the minority of blacks who behave and perform as well as most whites. If it grants blacks equal rights it will suffer the social problems the United States has faced since 1964.

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