“Brave New Dead World” on American Renaissance


I am fortunate to be able to announce that one of my recent writings, “Brave New Dead World,” has been published on American Renaissance, a rightfully well-regarded site on the American Right. This article concerns the nature of identitarian belief and its power in an age of liberalism causing dissolution of the American nation-state.

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Brett Stevens

Brett Stevens has written about realism since the late 1980s. His work can be found at RightOn, American Renaissance, Return of Kings, Counter-Currents, Alternative Right and Aristokratia.

One thought on ““Brave New Dead World” on American Renaissance”

  1. I made the following comment on AmRen:
    Fine piece, Brett. If I may add an additional thought courtesy of Prof. Charleton, breaking into ethnic breeding groups may be the only defense against a tidal wave of defective mutation load that has been unleashed on the world by modern welfare states. The decline of the level of genius and the higher breeding rate of people with low intelligence and many other markers of defective genetic change, along with the accompanying resource depletion, will inevitably have catastrophic consequences.

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