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The masculine and the feminine

The notion of patterns transcending the material world is the cornerstone of tradition and of any sane brand of spirituality. Plato, for one, held that all materially existing things necessarily decayed and that the only thing universal behind them was the Idea. Therefore, the serene supple skin of the healthy and well-developed female body expresses […]

How civilizations die

Think of the diagnostic process. You use this to fix your stove, figure out why your computer has weird pop-ups advertising Viagra, or understand what’s making your six-year-old upchuck so expressively at 4 am. The process is straightforward: First, you recognize a problem; then, a series of symptoms; then, whatever states keep renewing those symptoms […]

Black holes

Scientists don’t really know what Black Holes are. Then again, there are a great many things that scientists don’t know. They have their theories – often ideas dreamed up over coffee and doughnuts -  and in the manner of scientists, they then set out to convince themselves, and those of us who take scientists seriously, […]

The End of the World Anthem

After a long, intensive, exhausting survey of history, politics and philosophy, I have finally figured out how civilization will end. I could have used a wide array of quotes to pump this article up, but I have decided not to, so that this message could be as simple, concise and accessible as possible. Everywhere around […]


People — especially those who write — often like to quote other people. I have often wondered about this, and what makes them do it. Perhaps to lend a supposed importance to what they, themselves, write. Out of everything that has ever been written, or said, by everyone who ever lived, there is generally something, […]

World peace

When I was a little kid, they told us to pray for world peace. Since generally anything else I would pray for was stupid stuff like more candy or a BB gun, I stuck with world peace. It is such a comforting thought. You’re there ready for sleep, in your comfortable suburban house with parents […]


The inequality of life troubles us. It does not seem fair that some have more, and others less. It also seems cruel that some are born good-looking, intelligent and healthy, and others not. In our dark moments, we hope for an end to this state. We do not see a purpose in it; to a […]

The Tipping Point

Inertia is an odd thing. When an object is at rest, its tendency is to stay there. When enough pressure is applied, a certain inevitability takes over, and its tendency shifts toward the explosive. The West has spent the past two centuries in inertia because it has never fully accepted the events of July 14, […]

Politics: What use are they, anyway?

One of my more notorious sayings was: “Politics: The most efficient means yet devised by man, to make enemies, and friends you don’t want.” There’s truth in this. More than one might want. I am slightly unusual, in that until fairly recently, I was blissfully unaware of politics, or even what politics were. I had […]

The Inviolate Truth

It is some Postmodern supposition that quotes can’t speak for themselves because they are necessarily coloured, selective, etc. From this academic and blogging tradition it is seen as the author’s shortcoming when he doesn’t give his own spin to the material. This is of course, utter nonsense since arguments are Truth-claims. I’m tired of arguing […]

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