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The inequality of life troubles us. It does not seem fair that some have more, and others less. It also seems cruel that some are born good-looking, intelligent and healthy, and others not.

In our dark moments, we hope for an end to this state. We do not see a purpose in it; to a human individual who has lost faith in life, it seems insane and horrible.

We think that if we eliminated inequality, all conflict would cease. All people would be one; we would join hands and just do what needs to be done. We would be equal souls as well as equal beings.

However, this requires we ignore the causes of inequality. Some are born with great ability; some not — most of us fall in between. The effect is inequality; the cause is unequal ability.

Even more importantly, we all benefit from inequality. The best rise above the rest and yes, they get more stuff. They also get more power.

They also tend to use that power toward better ends. Their choices of stuff to buy forces higher standards on the stuff-providers, and so we all benefit from better stuff, eventually.

When we try to fix inequality, we are ignoring its real cause and instead making one up. This fake cause feels good to us because it explains us all as innocents. But it poisons our thought process.

After years — or even centuries — of crusading against inequality, the West has failed. We are still unequal. Even worse, the problem has expanded because we have undermined our economies and stopped rewarding people for being competent, which means we are ruled by incompetents.

Who suffers most? The poorest.

The wealth gap in the United States has grown wider in the wake of the Great Recession, with black and Hispanic American households faring much worse than white households, according to a study published Tuesday.

Based on data from the Census Bureau, the study highlights how blacks and Hispanics have been disproportionately affected by the collapse of the housing market, the financial crisis and the recession that marked the period from 2005 to 2009.

It found that the wealth gap between white households and their black or Hispanic counterparts was the widest it has been since the government began publishing such data by ethnicity in 1984. – CNN

Before we go into CNN’s explanations for this situation (which we won’t; their reasons are advertising, not logic) we should look at what has already been said:

Our attempts at making equality have failed and made greater inequality.

When we spend our money on those who need to be “brought up” to a higher standard, we wreck the system of the whole, and so damage all that we do.

This issue is larger than race. Inequality first and foremost occurs within a race, and then multiculturalism is invented to give those unequal people someone to feel above:

People in the HBD-blogosphere tend to group all whites together and say that they have a median IQ of 100 with a standard deviation of 15.

Let us divide whites into two groups.

Group 1 is prole whites. These are all whites with IQs of 104 and less. They comprise 62% of whites.

Group 2 is middle class and upper class whites. These are all whites with IQs of 105 and more. They comprise 38% of whites.

The median IQ of Group 1 is 92.5 (similar to the IQ of mestizo Mexican immigrants).

The median IQ of Group 2 is 113 (similar to the IQ of Ashkenazi Jews).

I assume that all of my white readers come from Group 2. What do we really have in common with the stupid people from Group 1 except a similarity of appearance? (Although I guarantee you that if I photographed a hundred white people with IQs of 113 and a 100 white people with IQs of 92.5, everyone would instantly be able to identify the smart group and the stupid group.)

Ironically, liberal HBD-denialists as well as white nationalists would group us all together. The liberal HBD-denialist would say that we are all beneficiaries of white privilege, and the reason that the whites from Group 1 don’t do well economically is because they were too lazy to go to college (ignoring the implausibility of someone with an IQ of 92.5 being able to learn college-level material). – Half Sigma

We are not all the same. Even within the group “white,” we are radically different.

No amount of government aid will fix a lower IQ; you don’t want your brain surgeon, lawyer, architect, general, president or economist to have an IQ that low.

Trying to make people equal with wealth redistribution sabotages our economy. The wealthier, appalled not so much at their tax rate but this vast waste of the money they do pay, tend to move on to greener pastures.

The impoverished are given what they don’t need — a temporary fix, a band-aid — in place of what they do, which is jobs that are tailored to their abilities, and some restraints on the habits of lower-IQ people that can sabotage them.

You need to stop Joe Bob from buying a $50,000 pickup truck when he makes $34,000 a year. If you give him welfare so that he makes $60,000 a year, the truck will start to cost $75,000 and the situation will be basically unchanged. When you devalue money by giving it away, prices go up.

Inequality is a complex moral topic. Simplistic answers do not work. As we go bravely into this new century (barely a tenth complete) we will be facing this problem in a clearer form than ever before.

We need to pick solutions that are logically correct, and provide for the best possible outcome, instead of letting our troubled emotions lead us someplace destructive.

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