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Real value dies with hair straightener and snitches

Crowdists insist who we are is our assigned or circumstantial external features: an investment portfolio or lack thereof, a residence in a particular neighborhood, a paper indicating educational ranking, our skin hue which by the way doesn’t mean anything so why bring it up, a favorite sports team and the products we buy. Since there […]

Death Metaphor Deconstructed

Following the death of Senator Ted Kennedy earlier in the week, one writer used the event to deconstruct one of the most ludicrous metaphors surrounding death: the idea of “losing a fight with cancer”: The fighting metaphor, especially when applied to cancer, drives me nuts. Cancer is not a war or a football game. It’s […]

Overpopulation Still Taboo For Most

There are many people – some of them well-respected scientists – who have been talking about overpopulation for decades.  Dr. Albert Bartlett, even Isaac Asimov – intelligent men who see through our complex social structure and boil it down to the simplest form, so it can be seen for what it is. Most people in […]

Distrust of the majority

As humans we learn to distrust early. First we are told that there is a process, and so we go along with it. Then we figure out that while the process has a goal, some people have changed their goal to be the process itself, which lets them have other more selfish goals. For instance, […]

Advertising Creates More Consumer Whores

Just when you thought advertising couldn’t sink any lower than suspicious packaging intended to push a cartoon of animated junk food items, companies like McDonald’s have now turned to the realm of corporate sponsorship. They were already there in many forms, but this is a new one: hidden cameras in classrooms intended to catch students’ […]

Our shopping mall nation of broken spirits

Modern marketplace thinking destroys our sense of community and solidarity, leaving us alone against predators who will do anything for our money. We’re now fiercely individual competitors selling each other memes, tricks, and gimmicks to get ahead of a teeming crowd who might have otherwise been friends and neighbors. With the severe economic downturn comes […]

A critique of diversity is not an attack on any group

Attacking diversity is not an attack on any minority group. Why? Because we would be committing a fallacy of division. If purple people and green people together compose a system called diversity, and diversity has a property called failure, we have not at any point stated that purple or green people are failures. Most people […]

Shredded Wheat Ad Mocks “Progress”

To maintain irony, the people selling Shredded Wheat cereal decided to mock progress. After all, some foods are eternal. What else can we do to shredded wheat, besides ruin it by adding marshmallows? This mockery of the modern notion of “progress” also mocks the idea of adding unnecessary complexity to products just to make them […]

The marketplace versus the bureaucrats

America is a giant marketplace. We who live here now should heed this, because it saves us the pointless political debates. While the poorest may not have health care, those who can afford it get better care. While this is ass, it’s the best we’ve come up with because it is both disorganized and organized. […]

Overproducing food makes life worse

Modern life is a place of illusions, missing information and increasingly miniscule individual roles in society helping to keep our understanding of reality as a whole system at bay. Among these many misperceptions is the Civilizing Effect. Society provides a market, people wander in, money crosses the point of sale, an item magically appears as […]

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