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A critique of diversity is not an attack on any group

Attacking diversity is not an attack on any minority group.


Why? Because we would be committing a fallacy of division. If purple people and green people together compose a system called diversity, and diversity has a property called failure, we have not at any point stated that purple or green people are failures. Most people have a problem comprehending design scope because to learn this tool, they must posses enough spatial IQ.


However, it is a method our beloved hipster uses in an attempt to argue with humans:

Human, “Multiculturalism isn’t so great. What good is it?”

Hipster (knocks down strawman), “So what’s your problem with the new Orange People in town?”

Some critiques against diversity are snared by an inversion of the logic failure given in the foregoing examples. But, rather than insisting an attribute of a whole system must then be found in any of its parts, the opposite occurs.

These critiques will single out one corrupted part of the system (old white men, dancing Latinas with fruit basket hats and frilly dresses, or gray skinned Zeta Reticulans with ray guns) as a way to demonstrate multicultural system malfunction.

Such a fallacy of composition, the flip side of division, is equally a failed argument. Moreso than sensationalist politics, logic is everyone’s ally.

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