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When the neurotic flailing about of current conservative, Indo-European nationalist and deep ecological movements ceases, and the participants in those parties recognize the greater commonality of their cause than its divisions, we can begin reconstructing an Indo-European cultural identity as a means of creating local governments which, by placing common interest in health of nature and populations as a whole over monetary and other means used to divide us, can replace the one world government of a money-driven, liberal democratic society. Once we have created this conceptual ideal, one of the first goals is to wake up the members of our race who have not yet given themselves fully to a dronelike, subservient existence, and the first step in this is encouraging lifestyle change.

With a cultural identity to which we can point and state its superiority to the greedy and reckless disposable society that rules us today, we can compare the mindless and empty lifestyles of consumer products and mass-entertainment media that bewitch our people and reduce their cognitive capacity to that of an intoxicated ape. This is the first element of lifestyle change: weaning people from a passive world in which they follow blindly what government and industry designate as healthy, and giving them something of a greater nature for which to live, including their own individual satisfaction derived from existence in a society that is as a whole much smarter and healthier. They may give up some individual comforts, but it must be clear to them that they gain something meaningful in exchange, not effete “culture” in the form of artifacts from the past but a living and unique lifestyle based on the shared ethnic and cultural values of our race and its myriad tribes.

When people change lifestyle, they are voting in the oldest method possible: with their money and their feet. Although the system of democracy promises results for our votes, the truth seems to be that it cannot handle the details of managing complex societies because it is engaged more in internal combat than in any thrust toward a resolute direction, and thus we rage back and forth between partisan camps without ever accomplishing anything substantive. Accordingly, its highest and best use is to elect leaders who can replace it with a better system. For this to happen, attitudes must change, and lifestyle alteration is a powerful means of achieving this because by voting with money and feet, the elites of society abandon bad values and cease supporting the institutions that uphold them.

Some will scoff at the idea of boycotts and organized support of positive cultural means, but look at the damage wrought on the American economy by periodic disfavor in Europe, and the choking effect on Israeli companies created by a boycott of them in the Arab world. These are not small successes; they are huge, in that they show one way we can quickly begin reducing the power of those ideas that oppose us. Phrased in another way, if even ten percent of Americans turned off their televisions and cancelled their newspaper subscriptions, those industries would suffer, and in order to regain the votes of money and feet, would internally re-adjust to accommodate better values. Further, those who escape the television addiction that afflicts our population in general would leave behind a passive “what would the herd think?” mentality and begin living for their own satisfaction and knowledge that they have done right.

The media and government are powerful tools, but they are not omnipotent, and depend on having an audience for their power. Voting on paper “sends a message” but effects no real change; voting with boycotts, and selective support of institutions and communities so to opt for those with positive values, immediately deprives them of this power. As most operate on relatively tight margins, losing even a small portion of their audience triggers an internal crisis in those businesses; the prospect of longer-term losses creates shareholder revolt, and turns the same mechanisms used against us into self-destructive behavior. Even more importantly, as such businesses fail and cease to employ many people, the economy itself is forced to adjust to the new preferences of its customer base.

This is a smart form of revolution, and one that does not require radical acts, but most in the “white nationalist” community are unwilling to undertake it, nor are they willing to face the honest reason for their unwillingness: they are addicted to the passive entertainment lifestyle provided by television and degenerate products. Well, of what use are you? – it is a fair question to ask these people, since they are upholding the tools of their enemies, and further, by endorsing them through their own usage of them (you do not engage in a behavior unless you believe it is worthwhile), are delivering victory to our enemies at our own expense. Is this “activism”? If so, this writer wants no part of it: turning off the television, canceling the newspapers and magazines, and dropping out of the consumer lifestyle by buying only what you need, and avoiding frivolous products, is far more effective than even millions of people who take their behavioral and political cues from Hollywood sops like “American History X.”

Ask yourself: what do you really need from television, and newspapers, and consumer products? “To see what’s going on in the world” – you mean to say, to see what the corporations and religious groups who control media wish you to see as the activity of the world, and to give more attention to governments that don’t address your needs. Or maybe the objection is that your Playstation 2 with “Grand Theft Auto” and shiny new car and plasma television give you some kind of enjoyment you cannot find elsewhere; to that a thinker says that no victory occurs without change, and no change occurs without sacrifice. Could you live without these things? Surely. And would your life be any worse? Unlikely – it would be different, and you would be freed of your daily programming by the interests of those with money.

Most people are unaware that televisions, newspapers, et al are businesses; their goal is not to tell you the truth, but to prepare an entertainment product that you will consume, thus transferring wealth to them and their advertisers. If they can get you to see their entertainment product as a source of reality, why then, they control what you will admit as truth and, by repeating big lies often enough, will deceive you. Do you really want to make yourself open to such an attack, and then to unknowingly use that attack against your own people? All of your arguments distill to a preference for convenience and an easy vision of reality, where glowing boxes tell you what to do and you feel as if your life will be fulfilled with the next shiny object you purchase. You are being misled.

There are many ways you can vote with money and feet against the system that will destroy your people and culture – that of modern industrial liberal democratic society, which is motivated only by what is popular, and thus what is profitable. Since we know that most people do not see the big picture, and thus do what is convenient with no thought as to its long-term consequences, we can immediately recognize that what is “popular” is always what is convenient and not what is right to do. They will tell you that it is “freedom” and “individualism” to have certain preferences in entertainment media and products, but think like a brave and assertive person here: what kind of freedom and self-definition comes from products that anyone can buy off of a shelf? You are becoming a weapon against all you claim to uphold.

Business has prospered at the expense of Indo-Europeans because we have all been too busy buying products, working at jobs, and consuming media – billions of dollars of it – without seeing the big picture, and thus being unable to oppose it, we are dominated by it. To continue in that lifestyle is to submit, but to use your purchasing power and personal allegiances to select healthier things is an assertive and strong method of making change. Buy organic fruit, and never buy junk food; throw out your television, and stop reading the garbage prepared to make profit from your delusion and thus sacrifice of not only your race, but your planet and its natural ecosystem. Would you really miss anything? Not anything you could not get from instead of watching television, spending time with friends and family, or in doing things to better yourself. These are real things; television and products are an imaginary reality constructed so others can make money from your decline.

They are laughing at your stupidity and ignorance, these profiteers. “It was so easy to conquer these people – and everyone said they were independent, and tough-minded, and smart – see how quickly and how low they have fallen!” But while they laugh, the people with televisions and shiny products make excuses, and because deep in their hearts they know they are lying, they degenerate further as individuals. Make the lifestyle choice that matters; reject this plastic garbage heap of a world and everything meaningless that is in it, and instead spend your money and your time doing things that have long-term positive consequences. You will be amazed at how many follow you, and how effective, together, we are.

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