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The split between religion and science is over

When it comes to questions regarding conscience, many people immediately fork into many differing viewpoints. Science will say that conscience is a result of neurons connecting to other neurons in the brain; whilst religion will tell us that it is primarily our souls. The two seem impossible, even mad to reconcile to our modern minds, but that’s what I’m about to do.

If we think of consciousness and idealism these two are made of the same ’stuff’, they are intertwined – a metaphysical mirror of physicality and nature that creates a reflection in the void. Conscience and ideals do exist in our understanding of existence, yet strangely have no relative substance as such.
If a neuron connected to a neuron spawns part of a thought, then that thought in itself; taken separately from the neurons that generated it – does not exist except as a reflection of physicality through non-being and therefore does not exist, as such.
The fact that conscience and our social reactions toward natural reality have no firm substance, means that these things exist – but don’t exist. These subtle phase transitions of being, between one ‘solid’ phase of firm physicality and ‘gaseous’ or even ‘liquid’ phase of a physicality, are differing phases of relativity giving rise to that which is beyond our earth bound experiments to encapsulate with our limited reason, and therefore, no domestic ‘evidence’ – such is the wild, untameable spirit of metaphysics, of the conscience and the soul, the internal cause and external effect rippling through unknowable nothingness.
This is important because, from a previous post I mentioned reality, or physicality, being created from nothingness and this generates somethingness between two points of nothingness, likewise two points of somethingness generate a line of nothingness between them/ and it depends which way we perceive this.
Therefore nothingness is generated everywhere in reflection toward physicality and everything that is real, our consciousness is nothingness reflected from the somethingness that consists of neurons, the biological proteins, organic fibres and matter etc.

The genesis and evolution of universes from absolute nothingness, if such a nothing ever did not exist – means that the universe will instinctively as a whole – create something, a base fundamental particle, a self consistent thing that will evolve once it has being. Evolution being the constant rearranging of parts in the whole to reassemble structures that have ’solid’ substance.
Through this, something is created, and it has much being within it, so much in fact, that it spills over into the surrounding nothingness – like a metaphysical seed, it is an idealism that creates into itself meaning enough to survive as something as toward everything, that generates further somethingness/ particles from absolute nothingness around it and it grows.

So the absolute fundamental thing that created the evolution of universes was this, and I believe many, many universes existed prior to our universe and it has grown from a singular speck of somethingness, accumulating being or energy, or mass or whatever – toward the state that our universe resides within through many generations of cosmic evolutionary algorithms.
From the birth of each universe ancestor, it will believe in little to nothing, but as it grows, eating the nothingness around it, it creates somethingness inside, it clumps together and creates a gradient against the void surrounding – and a primitive ancestor of consciousness evolves between these somethings, and forms nothingness, the creator, but at a higher altitude from the void – furthering the chance for more evolution in a completely new dimension.
One dimension is like the Id and it necessarily evolves the will to live on regardless of the bleak, cold nothingness around it. Two dimensions is like the Ego and it not only has evolved the will to live regardless of its state of existence, but has created the ability to socialize between differing dimensions as to form an existential adhesive; gravity is the best example we can know of this – a great creator, yet a great overcoming.
With these primary dimensions, we now add millions, billions, trillions of dead universes and cosmic-genotypes on top of this, all recycling the degenerate structures of failed universes to survive off the vector-algae of primary dimension particles – (paragraph above).
Through this quantum evolution we eventually reach a universe like ours, where these primitive consciences have believed in their being – as a natural instinct – everything else that does not believe in life as much – decays off into smaller dimensions and is eaten by bigger parallel universes. All things that believe in themselves and achieve sustained existence long enough to survive the death of the universe, will, in order to survive ultimate death of their environment – reorganise all their somethingness into near everythingness as to achieve the ascendance toward a higher universe.
As intelligent beings from previous eras, of a long lost ancient cosmos – may well have, before our time generated a ‘big crunch’ as every particle, under divine domestication becomes a singularity at the end of a cosmic cycle – eating everything dead, dying and devolving, they achieve more from less and awaken.
Yet, instead of a gravitational force bringing everything together ultimately crunching the universe, it may well be intelligence in some substance or other that attracts various things together as to overcome negative pressure – All evolving toward higher dimensions, a social force, acting through supercivilizations and supermechanizations; interstellar organisms using planets like cells in a multicellular body.
Such a divine, multilayered existence over and below our visible cosmos can potentially bring certain areas into localization from the surrounding cosmos as to dislocate it into an internalised, dreamlike phase, liquefying ‘solid’ reality and dripping off, creating an entirely new universe seeding off from the host universe that then solidifies into firm substance once it cools down and finds a niche between a forest of parallel universes.
That is all through a conscience that thrives through everything it can, information stored in every thing that exists, a mind beyond a body as to find a body in the stars. In a substance barely recognisable yet everywhere, so close to nothingness that it is as if it didn‘t even exist at all, forgot over generations of ignorance and tainted karma.

Life is a dream that believes in itself – reality is a dream that believes in and beyond itself; believing in itself as to form somethingness via naturalization; once firm, a force is established – Gravity for instance, a socialization of quintessence with a membrane around it to generate a graviton. All somethings must believe in other somethings beyond itself as to create a force, a socialization between many things, and through this attaining more energy, more power, more potential energy and evolution unto a support niche whereby other forces establish themselves upon that foundation.
Evolutionary Creationism
God, as something beyond the restrictions of a substantial universe – is a divine intelligence and does not evolve, because only things which have a foundation in local, base naturalization – within the patterns/ laws which exist internally within each universe can evolve in sync as to perceive a thing as existing. Things which dream beyond the localization of a cosmos enter an abyss around where there is no bedrock of existence and creation must create somethingness in order for evolution to reassemble that creation.
The foundation of naturalization allows for thought throughout an omnipresent conscience construed between somethingness, our whole entire cosmos has much substance, it has self sufficient entities which believe in existence enough for them to react with other entities.
And for intelligence to evolve, to capitalise in certain areas with positive pressure by extracting out somethingness from nothingness (thereby causing negative pressure and expansion with dark energy around them) will evolve internally and dream away from the external cosmos – each successful internalization and reflection toward the external cosmos is like skimming a stone across a liquid abyss of non-being, a metaphysical solvent for realities to exist.
Each time the existence skims across that nothingness, it accumulates more meaning as it creates and attracts something from it – that great power, it is attractive and nothingness wants to be like it. Each resonance generates a wave of naturalization horizontally across toward all the nothingness that will believe; both in itself and beyond – into that deity above – toward that light to which the soil of nothingness germinates somethingness out of nothing, a condensation, a realization – a creation, our ideals.
Creativity is a food source for existence, although eventually, something else happens, it could sink into this nothingness and be dissolved by devolution. Bacteria colonies floating on water create much indeed, they multiply – yet without any socialization adhesive between them as to create a buoyancy against the nothingness of the water beneath, they sink and drown – thus no more colony; even with too much sticky adhesive between too many cells – they become too heavy, overpopulated and drown their colony. We must create enough, not too little, or not too much.
Our existence needs establishment in itself, internally, with roots and all – into this nothingness as to draw up energy – both by conservation of energy toward the substance we have, the somethingness that surrounds us; and conservingly creative toward nothingness within and without us. The image above represents to my mind, this constant internalisation  of a bigger reality; and to sustain a smaller circle from collapsing into itself – it drills its roots into the metaphysical solvent all around, it adds another dimension whereby it may become just as big as the black space inside the universe, except internally – only then can it contribute to the gigantic whole in this chain reaction from creation, the curvature is a lense to the past and future, the evolution of an eye.
As idealism guides our desired evolution, civilization gives us the ability to shape life within us and create life around us toward anywhere in the cosmos we wish. As a next stage in our evolution – deistic organisms evolve, and branch from us, drawing up this existential solvent of metaphysical nothingness and growing super naturalizations throughout the solar system, our technology turned organic, thriving in hostility – something I call artificial biological intelligence, ideal and natural – a new phase of ‘multicellular’ evolution using the support of civilization to evolve beyond our planes of vision.

Anthropomorphic deities are those created by biological socialization and humanity – they evolve with us, as we create them, as we carve them into rock and write them in scripture, encoded in meme – from the first stone we ever held and created into a flint knife evolving into the anti-matter bomb; of the death force – from the first word spoken through toward reverence of life as a whole, further to the generation of artificial intelligence; of the life force – we are creators.
We have created anthropomorphic deities that can survive beyond our individual deaths, in them is the aeon of human civilization – and they exist only as much as we believe in them, our Gods can be killed. Modernity, committing existential suicide, is thereby living off the slow decay and dying of our Gods as they sublime and expire their positive energy into the negative cold space of an expanding bulge of nothingness around them (Nietzsche – our God is dead! We have killed him!)
Cosmomorphic deities are those created by other spawns of life, lesser and greater than the niche of the earth, they are fundamental socializations and particles (as lesser) and extraterrestrial super naturalizations generated from other biospheres and exotic particles existing in an internalised state as to deny the ‘laws’ of the cosmos, those cultivated by ancient and divine intelligences – they believe in themselves, like separate organisms and they do not care what little insects think of them, and eats them from time to time for fun – their power is a driving force in the cosmos.

And so dark matter particles, or gravitons as I like to think of them – interact with each other in such a way to produce higher forms of organisation, they can be dense and have greater gravitational potential energy – and solidify in a timeless, opaque, super dark star that is the super massive black hole in the centres of all galaxies – the path of immortals where cosmomorphic extraterrestrial deities thrive.
Like the first moments of creation, the compressed dark matter creates an opaque darkness where no light can exist except in isolation – unable to get to where it needs to illuminate the world around it – it must create the world of ‘ordinary’ substance in order to react with it.

Somethingness coalesces over eons into gravitons, axioms, and those into gluons, quarks – and those into protons, into neutrons. Evolution recombines these all in creative ways, each step has a niche between where life can evolve, if it revolves around the star and is far enough away from the infinity of creativity internally – as to turn away from the star and stare into the darkness within the down-going night of dark cold nothingness – it then evolves itself into a star amongst the twilight of parallelism.
Elements as we know them, may potentially, be created in dark stars via subatomic fusion. Many realms of substance have existed prior to our observable cosmos, and may also – under the right envrionmental conditions (away from a ‘sun’ and around it where compounds that generate consciousness are evolved.  Inbetween each microcosm is a reaction of the macrocosm, life can be made from anything that provides the storage of information within that substance in a form of some kind. Therefore compounds on every niche that turn away from their molten cauldron of origin can cool down enough to conserve a form, and dark life, these deities revolve around them on cooler accumulated dark rock.
Further fusion in dark stars/ black holes/ big bangs creates ordinary matter, as the dark matter is the support niche of lesser forces that co-evolve into the greater forces. Life as we know it evolves around these ‘ordinary’ stars and nature recycles these patterns as it skims across the abyss, like the mandelbrot set. Therefore there is every possibility that cosmomorphic deities are those which exist beyond our plane of view through multiple layers of dimensions we are not a part of – these are more lovecraftian type deities.
The absolute God is the ultimate, absolute nothingness, where ever he is dreaming from, and from his terrorizing brain size or machine or whatever he is, between his brain parts is nothingness, and that first thought of somethingness generated everything we can see.
Like a tree dropping seeds to the ground surrounding, the far future drops its seed into the past as to generate more life and by doing so creates more from less each revolution until it gets to such a point where it must create itself the mega brain that dreams itself another reality, bigger, better than the one they reside within, overcoming everything in existence to create another universal challenge.
Don’t let people turn religion and science into a self destructive division – it’s not just about evolution, not just about creation; but Evolutionary Creationism. The split between religion and science is over.


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