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Interesting Times magazine

Not to geek out too much, but I’m published in the new Interesting Times magazine.

This PDF-based free magazine has a full magazine-style layout, but keeps the spirit of 1980s text files: exploratory like science fiction, irreverent like insurrection, and curious like a child.

If you need a good cross-section between hacking culture, smarmy urban male surliness, survivalism, political realism and post-postmodern theory, it’s a good read.

Here’s their blurb:

Interesting Times, the ‘zine that is part 2600, part Vice Magazine, Soldier of Fortune’s bastard cousin, Modern Drunkard’s drinking buddy, and a smattering of Playboy (plus garnished with Mother Earth News, Fortean Times and Oprah Magazine), has finally released its fourth issue!

The article I submitted, “Counter-Insurgency Lessons For the Modern First-World Citizen,” can be found in Issue Four provided courtesy of the Internet Archive, since the magazine appears to have dissolved sometime in the 2014-2017 era.

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