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Fad diets help kill your brain

Cutting out the carbs may help you lose weight – but it can also help you lose your memory.

A study has found that dieters who avoid starchy foods do worse in mental tests than those who are allowed some pasta, bread and potatoes.

Carbohydrates are such an important source of energy for the brain that mental performance drops after just a week on an Atkins-style diet, the scientists found.

The Daily Mail

Dieting is a typical(ly retarded) modern activity: focus on one attribute of the millions to life, your weight, and re-arrange everything else to fit that narrow focus.

It’s more sensible and less easy to explain to a crowd of distracted, neurotic, narcissistic people that instead you should plan a lifestyle that includes nutritious food and exercise as needed. Oh, and they’re so busy at their jobs trying to be able to pay for their empowered lifestyles that they don’t have the time.


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