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Cycles make the world go round

Cycles of everything are infinite, they create round shapes instead of flat progress. In modern civilization our science suffers from linearized logic, a flat progression and atomisation in its ‘reduction’ and through this anything which cannot be reduced into smaller atoms becomes ‘unprovable’. This is also a reflection of the times we live in, as we see everything as a constant progression from primitive toward advanced and the thought of these crossing over and creating a natural cycle is simply unthinkable heresy.

So now let’s forget the flatlanders and all the headaches and circles they run around trying to find an end to their ‘progressive’ straight line! These idiots will run around in circles forever trying to find an end to their incessant empirical march unto death and meaningless theories.

Reworking the standard model, I can understand a cycle that reinforces the original nature of reality through firstly evolution and secondly reworking the original materials through creation to create new life in an old cosmos, thus new forces emerge to spread information over a higher threshold with greater ease.

From quantum magma, upon collectivising something from nothing, everything forms and erupts in a ‘big bang’, vectors come into the universe through whiteholes and quasars which are volcanos that erupt what I call ‘something’.

This means that vectors from the void, or the bulk (hyperspace medium) clumps together to create a trough where further vectors can clump together on this where it gets easier each time a new dimension is added. The trough is like a moat, or a basin of negative pressure where opposite charges are attracted and sink into the ‘quasi-particle’ hole that externally moulds around every particle.

Likewise, our fundamental physical forces, each in their own dimension can build upon one another and attract one another. First there is the gravitational force, then the strong force; and through a symmetry breaking here we then have the the weak force and finally the electric force. These are the causal mediums of all the particles:

On difference between Causal and Acausal

Concerning the wave-particle duality problem, we can divide this into two philosophies; causal and acausal. Causal is internalization and acausal is externalization, causal creates particles and acausal creates waves. In an everyday situation, a causal ‘thing’ creates a sound, this sound is not made of any unique particles yet exists, it mediates the wave and has no physical substance, thus the sound is acausal and exists beyond the individual into a collective wave able to transmit information between one ‘thing’ and the other.

Dualities do not exist except in things which are directly correlated with each other, otherwise they leave each other alone. Similarly, natural selection is most fierce between two species which are almost identical and are competing for the same niche, we could call it the haves vs the have nots and is prevalent in nature vs nurture arguments by mediocre humans.

What matters is the chance at procreation for all ‘things’; therefore the outcome is of which one survives. This is, strangely yet understandably the explanation for our paradoxes such as the wave-particle duality and the nature-nurture duality.

A wave is a collective force, it is above the particles of individual forces beneath it. A wave passes through a collective of individual particles. Common mistakes are that photons are ‘a wave and a particle’, this is bullshit. Every decent scientist has seen the quanta of photons hitting the lens of a camera in a dark room, photons are therefore a particle only forming waves when they come in higher quantities.

If we had a slit expriment with only one photon, then it would hit in only one place, it would not go all over the place and create multiple wave patterns because there would be nothing for the wave to divide into that form. When many particles are together, then the wave patterns emerge, else it is a single point and nothing else.

The wave phenomena is a socialization of these particles into a collective, trends are set and laws are made to govern their collective behaviour – if one heads in one direction, the path behind it is easier for the latter generation of photons to follow as a niche has been created and a path to be followed – It’s easier for them to follow the crowd then wander into the darkness alone. So much for wave-particle duality.

Spin and the mixture of multiple dimensions

If a point at a centre was a particle and the spin it carried influenced the environmental, the macrocosmic acausal, then the ‘socialization’ of the surrounding particles would cause a ‘force’ to emerge through the warping of isolated parallel dimensions (points). Let’s take a look at one of Einsteins equation.

Einstein’s equation E=mc² is, in acausal-causal terms means simply that the wave energy (E) is the result of a set of particles (m) enclosed by their highest common velocity denominator which is light, squared itself to gain the highest potential of its superposition, therefore (c²).

To me this is only a slice of bread and I require a loaf, meaning, although this is predominantly correct, it is only relevant to ordinary matter as we know it – if we stretch beyond this small slice of local reality we can derive from this equation acausal waves (which do not exist as a being, but act between many beings) and causal manifestations of these waves, self sustained upon their foundations as to condense into a higher form.

The lowest form of a slice of physics is, in ordinary matter’s case, is light (important). Light was created through the electric force, it is emitted through the electrons and the electrons were created through quantum molecule decay in the weak force.

Smaller things evolve and propagate fastest which echoes throughout biology and everything that evolves independently. Now, highest form is the mass of ordinary matter (of which Einstein was concerned of) and lowest form is the photons, as these are the most abundant and has little complexity compared to higher quantum particles, photons carry tiny mass and are very slightly affected by gravity,  but eject and repulse it the most, therefore can attain the highest velocities and least gravity friction of this species of causal particles.

Acausal waves are from a spectrum of frequencies reflected from a causal support niche, resonated from the particle. This means that the cosmos operates in cycles of evolution, with each revolution this allows from a high frequency and low wavelength of a species of particle that emits an acausal wave between itself and other like particles, it does this ever more successfully until it is able to triumph over the individual particles and form a collective on a higher form – the acausal wave becomes more inclusive and therefore lower frequency and greater wavelength; a higher particle is created when this inclusive particle group is successful in surviving.

This process continues indefinitely required the energy is sustained, thereby allowing them to finally fuse in when the frequency reaches a boundary low and wavelength a boundary high – thereby a gradient in opposition is overcome and fusion has occurred, evolution.

Further still this does not stop at ordinary matter, these evolve with mechanization further in our future to then create a down-going whereby new fundamental forces are cultivated to overcome the material limitations of ordinary matter with exotic matter specifically fused according to their physic-genetic-engineering guided by such physics idealism similar to string/superstring/M theory and other idealistic theories, any ‘thing’ is possible if reality is understood enough to create it.

And even greater still, this goes below gravity and throughout dark energy, gravity-dark matter is condemned to be sustained by a lesser form of causality to mediate its waves. Therefore a dark energy spectrum exists with a whole sub-stratum of lesser spectrums all building upon themselves to recreate new alternatives to dark matter, with new gravitational particles. And below these too, the multiverse has prerequisites for membership, our localised universe is evolved upon this ever more ethereal medium and corporeal quintessence than dark energy itself.

E=mc² can be replaced by a more universal acausal mediator. Therefore; Acausality = Total causality involved in mediating the acausal wave multiplied by the highest velocity (evolutionary force in rotating the revolutionary process of physical evolution BUT localised toward that specific species of physics that it is concerned with – then amplified onto itself to achieve the highest degree of acausality in causal manifestation, so highest waves out of the wave creators, perhaps). A=cv

To focus on life, specifically toward organic matter, evolution = the species in question, multiplied by the highest momentum of its lowest common denominator, that then amplified by wholeness including itself, to then allow higher species sustenance upon them – and thus, speciation. Rate of evolution (velocity of speciation) = prole x elite, prole being a negative number and elite being a postive number, increase the proles and speed becomes so slow that the surrounding macrocosm ends up evolving faster than the whole of the species and then is crushed, positive vice -versa.

Potential implications of this, putting this into use.

Light as we know it cannot exist in a total vacuum, it may be that it is only thanks to dark energy and smaller variants of dark matter that photons have an ocean to swim within – perhaps why we cannot observe type one parallel universes – it dissolves and sediments into smaller vectors when it falls off of the universal cliff of higher quintessence – lower dark energy surrounds this in pitch black like a last breathe of atmosphere before the brutality of space, whereby no light can survive as it is too hostile and unsupportive of it – having no universe to light up it sinks into darkness, into nothingness.

Perhaps some smaller particles do exist in the void, perhaps extremophile particles and a few ordinary masses on some small islands bubbling around the observable universe like islands around a continent – from there onwards, though, it is the megaverse (this boundary of the universe ensures localisation and diversification of universes, without which all would clump together and devolve into more primitive expansions of ancient universes long extinct.

I think Einstein was mostly valid in pointing out that normal, earthly, ordinary matter cannot exceed the speed of its lowest denominating particle, which is photons and therefore it cannot usually exceed its own microcosm – it is the evolutionary niche that we exist upon and the limit to the speed is the boundary of localised reality.

However, by increasing the speed of light via physics cultivation feeding the ‘dark matter’ or whatever it is sustaining it, into sustaining artificial warps, curves, whirlpools and wormholes around the ordinary, natural ‘gravospheres’ of cosmic bodies. It is possible for anything to become self sufficient from the surrounding environment to then subjectively overcome the local limitations by obeying natural patterns and increasing the product of them – thereby becoming streamline and independent of surrounding environments – essentially creating new realities.

By injecting more ‘dark matter’ into the photons it slows them down and increases the drag, but by ejecting surrounding mass away from the beam, photons are able to avert the kinetic dragging into potential energy. This dragging occurs when light loses its total kinetic energy into the surrounding environment via dark matter drag (or expansion as it tries to cool down and slow the total velocity and thus potential energy increases greatly toward gravitating bodies).

To avert this nagging of gravity, it must slip through it, to absorb the energy between the dark matter, that is, the quintessence and emit this away toward the opposing direction to which it is being opposed to then increase its velocity much as an animal (humans included) will kill its enemy so it can thrive with the spoils and survive to reproduce without their enemy to threaten them.

Light dies in a total vacuum, a total void as it is starved of sustenance, but light travels fastest in a dark energy vacuum and thrives on the feast, therefore attains much higher velocities than the anthropocentric ‘law’ of the ‘the total speed of light being only 186,000 miles per second!’ That’s holistically false, but is correct to general relativity between objects in our solar system where there is higher densities of gravity wells – other than this, light doesn’t give a damn what humans think. Light therefore does travel at relative speeds in a dark matter vacuum which is symbolised c and only relative to our stellar locality, light travels below c throughout the rest of ordinary matter, the more massive the medium, the slower it travels until at least it completely stops and is absorbed as a whole.

In conclusion, this means that we can increase the speed of light through altering its environment, through environmental influence – a physics eugenics to select and nurture a stronger particle, more specified through altering the localised macrocosm.

By using the other forces that influence light, for instance, gravity, we can thrust the speed of light into a dark matter-less vacuum causing the photons of light to sink or rise (whatever preference) around the sea of dark matter therefore, like tachyons, imaginary, idealist, acausal mass and a causal speed instead of the ‘cisnatural’ casaul mass and acausal speed.

That gains casual controllability and almost, supernatural domestication (powerful ethics and responsibility is needed here or the galactic gods will come and kick your ass and eat your soul, for threatening the good of the galactic community).

Therefore the life of physics can evolve to manoeuvre this alternating, this adapting survival tactic for the species of earth to spread these here gene-seeds across various planets and cosmic bodies across the galaxy. It may require great energy however, such migrations are at the endings of the mechanization.

Elemental rhythms

Position = Microcosm x macrocosm

Time = Dark matter x dark matter heat exchange (the amount of dark energy heating it)

Time = total dark mass x total change in quintessence, t=d∆q

Speed of light = matter pressure (the density of the mediating mass, gravitational field + mass) x highest influx of quintessence amplified onto itself which is lowest vacuum energy/highest kinetic velocity that can possibly sustain a photon alive without it decaying into lesser vectors through decay, C=mq²

With each additional dimension added onto the macrocosm it may be that instead of a square number, you would require a cubed or quad or etc. Squared is for a thread of physical reality, for the total macrocosm of our universe it would most likely be 10, 26 or even an infinitude of dimensions instead of 2. To square is to abstract only a slice of our universe and will only give localised results limited to the selected physics you intend to understand.

Our universe position, as a ‘particle’ = Causal dimensions x Acausal dimensions, string theory (‘the socialization of physics’ theory) would say 10 to 11 for spatial and anything up and beyond 26 dimensions for all the various ‘quasi-particles’ as they call them – we have no idea that these exist, they hang around like a puff of air.


The causal particles then, reflect outwards and create further niches for quasi-particles to form acausally as if a wave. Reconnecting with the cycle, they eventually fuse into the next force, the quasi-particles of electronuclear evolve into the strong force when their polarity is overcome. Following in this theme:

  • Gravity (causal) > Electronuclear (Acausal)
  • Strong (causal) > Electroweak (Acausal)
  • Weak (causal) > Electromagnetic (Acausal)
  • Electric (causal) > Magnetic (Acausal)

After the electric has formed, electrons then passed through all of these and created another generation, another generation of quantum particles over the other.

Everything in the universe follows these similarities between the macrocosm and the microcosm – the evolution of life on earth follows a similar pattern of naturalization through to mechanization.

Now let’s just cross this over with a few other ideas;

  • Naturalization (causal) > Socialization (acausal)
  • Nature (gene) > Nurture (meme)
  • Fact (Physical) > Faith (Metaphysical)
  • Matter (postive space-time curvature) > Antimatter (negative space-time curvature)
  • Dark Matter (Gravity) > Dark Energy (Anti-Gravity)
  • Baryogenesis (Fusion Evolution) > Leptogenesis (Fissure Creation)

Baryogenesis is responsible for the emergence of matter, gravity and the great big wells for fusion reactors to occur, leptogenesis is for the emergence of antimatter, antigravity and major creator of everything negative. The first is absorption of energy, the second is repulsion of energy, in the ’empty’ space between galaxies (galaxies are dense dark matter holes) is the accumulation of antimatter and also an anti-time that evolves oppositely to our time, time as the heat of gravity, a gravitational enthalpy.

Therefore Baryogenesis > Leptogenesis, one reason why matter (predominantly dark matter) is more abundant than antimatter, is because antimatter is parasitic internally through matter and is dependent on it for it to exist as ‘anti’. When through leptogenesis particles, which, like bacteria dissolving rock in a process  releases gases for future fauna to breathe, it evolves the dark matter rock into higher dark matter, into less dense, more puffy molecules of it, less dense yet higher quality allowing more information to be evolved into it, and antimatter is created.

It’s similar to why there are more lesser things than higher things in existence, there are more proles than elites, more mindless idiots than geniuses, more life than death. A ‘slight’ imbalance that evolves new dimensions for interaction to occur.

A higher species of physics that is able to domesticate the entire universe with electrons to create ordinary matter, which reinforces the dark matter, coming down like rain onto a dry, dead planet, adding a medium inbetween the sky and the rock for an ocean of life to emerge from. The electrons emit light between them and acts as information transfer between the electric machines.

It is all thanks to the electrons around the protons, in a super quantum particle, called the atom, that we can observe the ‘observable universe’ The diagram represents this wholeness as [2] and the dark matter/dark energy as [1]. Over time everything decays if its to slow, weak force captures them and tears them apart for its own gain. The cycle continues, the surface dark matter, much like surface rock toward the atmosphere, around the outskirts of galaxies is eaten away and released as further gases, as dark energy bubbles that increase the volume of space between each galaxy – furthering speciation and isolation.

Each galaxy then, from ordinary matter, evolves life and that life cultivates the physical laws and recaptures the dark energy to create further mass and exotic particles that are buoyant and immune to decay over the brief period after its creation, further cycles are initiated and the cultivated reality implodes into a seperate realm where a new universe begins.

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