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Zimbabwe: the mess multiculturalism leaves in its wake

Colonialism, if you think about it, is a form of multiculturalism.

It leaves behind a revolutionary mindset that destroys culture in a way colonialism cannot and never attempts to do: it gets inside of that culture and perverts it, because the enemy appears so clearly to need defeating more than anything else.

What’s left is reactionary and dissolves itself.

Mugabe has murdered more black Africans than even the apartheid regime in white-ruled South Africa. A liberation hero turned despot, he is Ian Smith with a black face – only many times worse.

I was shocked that liberals and leftwingers who had campaigned so honourably against apartheid were silent. They were outraged by a white racist regime killing black people, but not when the killing was being done by a black tyrant. This double standard and indifference to mass murder appalled me.

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If Slobodan Milosevic can be indicted and put on trial, why can’t Robert Mugabe?

The Times Online

My only problem with Mugabe is that he does not act in a totalitarian manner. If you want white farmers out, send them out… don’t use hired thugs to try to drive them out. Be a man about it.

The writer of the piece quoted above doesn’t understand the West’s relationship to non-whites. They are for us ways to show we have social altruism points. We don’t actually give a damn what happens to them; like Bono of U2 or Bill Gates of the Gates Foundation, we want to use our public acts of highly visible giving and empowerment of them to make ourselves look good, not to save them.

It’s colonialism in reverse, except where colonialists wanted to rule over roughly autonomous states and use their resources, reverse colonialism is warfare against those who might happen to have power at all, or natural advantages. It’s revenge war.

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