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Politics is anti-science

If you’re going to play the game of politics — convincing others of what they should do, a surrogate for natural selection pressure — you’re going to end up making big symbols you must defend even when reality clashes with them.

For the traditionalists:

The Vatican hardened its opposition Friday to using embryos for stem cell research, cloning and in-vitro fertilization. But in a major new document on bioethics, it showed flexibility on some forms of gene therapy and left open questions surrounding embryo adoption.

The Vatican’s overall position stems from its belief that human life begins at conception and must be given the consequent respect and dignity from that moment on. The Vatican also holds that human life should be created through intercourse between husband and wife, not in a petri dish.


For the new revolutionaries and leftists, just suggest that abilities are determined by biology and are inherently unequal among nations, classes, castes, ethnicities, races, genders and professions, and you’ll get a tantrum. “But I wanna believe I could be a rocket scientist, too!”

The correct political decision is to say “yes u can haz cheezburger” and then hope someone does rogue research so you don’t end up broadsided when some nation-state with fewer laws does it.

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