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Your society died two centuries ago


Within all that is real, and on planet earth, and as a subset of the activity there, there is a “world” made of humanity. It describes how people must survive after civilization has taken over. In a healthy civilization, it is a lovely albeit boring place. In a dying civilization, it is even more boring and has none of the loveliness.

It is thus possible to hate this world and yet love planet Earth, or to enjoy being alive but hate the conditions under which it happens in the current time. If you enjoy being alive, you realize how precarious of a situation we are in: we exist in a time where every “necessary” activity is used merely to distract us from the fact that this place is Hell.

I hate their modern lifestyle, their capitalistic dream, political corruption and headless Western values. I hate blind people acting happily in utter ignorance.1

“It’ll never change,” grumble the old curmudgeons. “Just grow up and accept the ways of the world,” they add. The fact is that they are as cuck as our cuckservatives because they see the problem but are unwilling to mention it because it is unpopular. We once had a healthier society because it was based around the idea of putting our best people in charge and keeping everyone else out; then, we decided to reverse that. Now being good was bad, and being not-good was good. Ever since then, our misery has increased and our social order decreased. That’s a basic history lesson of the past 1,000 years.

Nietzsche and Vikernes blame Christianity for this, but I think it was something even simpler: society is a suicide machine. The more it succeeds, the greater the number of cities it has, and those break social order down into transactions, anonymous and temporary. At the same time, the success of the civilization also breeds what Plato calls “drones”: people who buzz around happy for the activity, able to handle simple deductive tasks but blind to critical thinking and analysis. Drones are oblivious to the fact that they live in Hell. In fact, they like it, because in Hell each person is important, where in Heaven every person is acting toward a goal and considers everything else secondary (in fact, some of us think the difference between Heaven and Hell is that attitude exactly).

Thus the curmudgeons are in trouble: we have to change if we want to keep existing. We all know the cycle of civilizations from monarchy to democracy which is shortly followed by tyranny, and then those civilizations just drop off the map and vanish because they have ceased to be important. When they are rediscovered, it is as people living in third world conditions or something like them, devoid of important culture, power and wisdom. If our civilization collapses, the options for our grandchildren will be similar to those in Brazil, Greece or Russia. Unless the little dears are excited about the choices of hard currency prostitute, desk clerk or security guard, this should alarm us.

The reason we have so far been unable to change is that no one wants to admit they hate the current way. You cannot admit that this society is Hell, but it is acceptable to hate it through passive means, which generally consists of ignoring blatant problems and contributing as little as possible. To admit you hate it is to sound like a failure, which means that people will stop helping you along over the little bumps and snags of modern life. You will earn less money and be respected less by your social group. So no one will speak, except in private, and even then people have gone into denial.

From cradle to grave we are conditioned by society-mandated activities. You must attend school for eight hours a day from age six until you join the work force, at which point you spend up to twice that each workday at a job. These places condition your mind to think in narrow terms with a partial set of all data so that you do not notice the internal logical paradox in almost everything this society does. When you get home the television shows you funny, charismatic people doing the same stuff you do but having even more fun. The human instinct is to try to compete with them. The result is that no one is thinking about what has gone wrong, and even if they do, they are afraid to speak.

We live in a Potemkin World. On the surface is a carefully cultivated image; underneath is dysfunction. Has anyone stopped to think about the activity of our economy, and how little of it is actually needed, other than as an employment program? No one will look at how high we raise costs by tacking on government, lawyers and unions to every activity. When you take away the parasitic, and pare down to the useful, our economy is much smaller but all of the work is legitimate and necessary.

This world is a Hell of illusions. Our politicians are not actually leaders, but salesmen. Our thinking is backward because if someone can explain how something makes money or advances equality, it will be supported, so people spend all their time thinking in terms of justifications and not the desire to achieve results as intended. Has anyone noticed how ugly this place is? Box architecture, constant advertising, cars and dirt everywhere. What about how miserable most jobs are? People are basically given jail sentences to replace their lives. No wonder they act like sociopaths.

What very few understand about the conservative revolution is its essentially anarchic nature. We are willing to do away with government entirely, and have kings instead who are basically war-leaders who nurture life as it naturally is instead of trying to re-shape it into an ideal. Costs would fall. We want fewer people in the workforce, like all women at home, so that there is less competition for jobs so people can work less and spend more time at home. We want free markets without the intensely high costs of regulation, unions, paperwork and other unnecessary expenses. We do not want cops on every corner; we want a strong society that takes care of itself.

This is the only way to really succeed as a society. With ordinary civilization, success = failure, because it breeds many useless and parasitic people and then drowns the society in them, causing class warfare that ends in democracy, after which no intelligent decision will ever be made. Conservatives have always seen themselves as stopping “Progress” which generally means the replacement of natural life with an obedient, robotic, and artificial substitute. As this new century expands before us, it will be time to dust off these ideas again.

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