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Yellow Vests With A Silver Lining

The world looks on in awe as France violently marks its refusal for more destructive globalist measures from the Macron regime. Once again, we feel like never before, that we’re at some major historical turning point. Something akin to 1789… Except that today, there are no more families of nobles to decapitate, so what gives?

You might think the French are revolting against taxes. Macron could have hiked taxes to 99% and the sheep wouldn’t have flinched. Just like he could have opened up his country to suicidal levels of immigration… oh, he did? The voters slept as France secured its second World Cup title with an all-African squad. This showed us the multicultural dream at its most vibrant. The Elysee bustled with topless transsexuals in heels with oiled ebony bodies and no one cared. Priests were decapitated during mass, journalists and concert-goers died in a hail of bullets, families at Nice were mowed down by a truck of peace, Christmas creches were banned, and still the Franco-voter remained steadfast in his stupor.

What finally awoke the Frenchman was not the atrocities happening to his country, but the kingly posturing of his president.
Why did he have to act so aristocratic as he fleeced us? Macron should have remained the nice droll faceless bureaucrat he was elected to be. Instead, his arrogant disdain of the French — this is how the revolutionaries portrayed the kings — not the taxes or the civilization collapse, was the last straw. It was his open hatred of the common Frenchman that ignited the fuse.

Macron is nothing of a monarch of course. He lacks the vision of a Louis XIV, the strategy of a Bonaparte, or the leadership of a Clovis. He also completely lacks the cunning, purpose and drive of a Charles Martel or a Charlemagne. He is a soulless pawn and a nobody, but empowered by the globalist deep state, he became an arrogant pawn. A nobody who has grown to live the lie, that he might be actually “in charge” of things. He is posturing, without the content. A cardboard facade with nothing behind it, like those elaborate trompe l’oeil that decorated the stages of Versailles in the days of kings. Real kings with an eternal vision.

So Macron decided in his vain arrogance to imitate them, but being the shallow nobody that he is, he only succeeded in imitating their posture as seen by Hollywood and proles. Was Macron worse than Hollande? Far from it. Hollande brought horrors like Christiane Taubira and Najat Vallaud Belkacem, wrecking French culture beyond repair. Taxes of 75% were already in full swing under Hollande but did anyone raise their head? No, because Hollande looked like an inoffensive bureaucrat. He resembled the idiots he managed. Only Macron wanted to picture himself as Bonaparte 2.0, or as the reincarnation of Le Roi Soleil. It wasnt the fuel tax that got the French to dust off the guillotines from their attic, it was the Return of the King, silly!

As much as I want to be wrong about the gilets jaunes, they are rising up not against the real cultural and financial tyranny that enthralls them, but at the idea of monarchy, which Macron tried to impersonate. This president’s harm is twofold: he continued the streak of disastrous political practices initiated by his predecessors since 1968 (predictably), and he reinforced the myth that kings = bad, and therefore perpetuated the notion that things could only improve with more democracy, civic nationalism, equality, and of course, secularity!

Let us hope that the yellow vests make sure that their excellent protests are not misinterpreted. For that to happen, they must make it clear why they are protesting, and for that to happen, they must finally articulate why they are protesting. Almost no one believes that the diesel tax was anything but a touchstone, a spark that set off the heaped fuel of the underlying resentment. Looking into their eyes, I see a desire to have France free from Brussels, in touch with its own culture and heritage, that is finally able to admit its need to be itself again, without the materialistic systems that have failed it time and again.

Death to democracy. Bring back the kings!

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