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Why People Refuse to Awaken

If you take a potato from a man who has a thousand potatoes, he will most likely shrug it off. On the other hand, if you try to take a potato from a man with only five potatoes, he will most likely kill you.

Conservatives have asked for years when people will awaken. We await the herd magically waking up and figuring out that entitlements and socialism are a scam, that unions are organized crime, or that diversity is suicide.

And yet out there we hear the resounding chorus of silence, the inverse of the chanting of the crowd at the coliseum, as voters grumble about the latest outrage, drink too much watery beer, and then go back to work in the morning.

Our people are like the man with five potatoes. You can tell him that the world is ending, but he has sacrificed for his five potatoes, and he would rather that the world end than give up a single potato.

Over the past few decades of democracy, people have seen public tolerance for anything but utter conformity to the Leftist ideology fade. You cannot criticize certain ideas without losing your job. You cannot socialize with certain people.

Some books cannot be mentioned in public either. Your innocent utterance, if it comes at the wrong time, can doom you. If you are unlucky to be the victim of minority crime who fights back, you will go to jail and come out with no job.

This shows us the unholy union between Leftist politics, corporate jobs, and public opinion. Out of fear of being politically incorrect, others will turn on you, so everyone signals hard on the goodthink.

That in turn fools others into thinking that the goodthink is normal when in fact most people already recognize that it is mental health problems made into rationalizations for ideological purposes.

In America and Europe, the five potatoes consist of a line of credit, a house not in the ghetto, a friend group, a spouse, and a résumé. If any of those go, life falls apart for most people.

Consequently, they are not only unwilling to speak out, they are unwilling to even think outside the box, except in secret moments when they are alone — these are rare in the modern city — and are never spoken out loud.

Someone might have a recording, after all. We have reached Soviet Union levels of control without having to rely on the crude direct totalitarianism the Communists used. We do things indirectly, informally, and simply bankrupt you.

If you violate the groupthink, no matter how many advanced degrees you have, you will end up working at Walmart. You will make low wages. You will live in the ghetto. If you object, your past will be used against you.

We can unperson people now instantly, using the internet, and keep them persona non grata using search engines, credit checks, and professional databases. You will obey or you will be destroyed.

No one wants to wake up and find out first that their potatoes are at risk, and second that even the process of compiling potatoes is nonsense and part of a dying system that is stealing everything before it fades away.

When you ask the average White person to wake up, you are asking them to admit that everything that they have sacrificed for is an artifice or illusion. You are asking them to admit that they have been wasting their lives on nonsense.

Even more, no one wants to look like a loser. In this society, if you have problems, because you are already equal — the “gift” of democracy — it is assumed that your problems are entirely personal.

When someone shoots up a Tops store, we look at their bio to find their mental health problems or other indications of insufficiency. If they criticize the regime, we assume they are losers with a sense of “sour grapes.”

In other words, if you do not like this society, it is because you could not hack it in this society. The problem is you, which lets the everyone else keep rushing on blithely consuming and self-distracting without noticing uncomfortable facts.

It is worse in the cities because cities are like cults. Sleep deprivation, constant light and noise, having to repeat slogans to make conversation, and saturation in message. They are brainwashing as a lifestyle.

People are so busy defending their shrinking territory — their five potatoes — that they refuse to compromise what they have for the betterment of all of us. They view society as a parasite, and want nothing to do with sacrifice.

What we see now is an orgy of signaling “I am one of you” by repeating the slogans (diversity is our strength, defend the rights of women, equality not equity). People engage in normie behavior to show they are part of the herd.

This in turn makes normie behavior even worse because through social competition, they one-up each other. If your neighbor defends homosexuals, you defend transsexuals. If your neighbor is pro-BLM, you join the BDS Movement.

Add to this basic human inertia, namely that people want to feel good about their lives and will filter out anything that suggests otherwise, and you have a reality-denial machine.

On top of that, people shy away from commitment especially to anything that will be unsociable to anyone. Agreeing with those who want to wake up requires that they endorse ideas which are mean or at least not nice, and that makes them feel bad.

People want to believe that they are the best ever, and that the life they are leading is the best that they could be leading, given their origins and challenges. They will play the victim in order to believe they are victors.

For that reason every person has a story of how their life was hard, no matter how “privileged” it was, that enables them to think that they rose above this and became great successes, even if they have relatively little.

The ones who have relatively little, whether material or emotional, are the most defensive. The poor and the narcissistic middle classes are united in this, the poor having little and the middle classes being emotionally isolated and hollow.

Normal people just want to space out and stop thinking about what irritates them. They want to think happy thoughts about how their society is the best ever, their jobs are good, their friends are good, and they are individual successes.

It is a cult of the ego created by equality in which all of your successes are yours, but anytime you criticize the cult, you are assumed to be defective and cast aside as the crowd turns on you.

Even worse, becoming awakened is hard work of the most primal kind. Changing our thinking to bring in new data is difficult and energy-consuming, which is why generally only children can do it.

Everyone else treats their preconceptions as crutches and uses them to justify their desires. Actual mental change requires discipline and will, which most people fear they do not have, and therefore, do not have.

The hardest type of change is that within the inner mind. It is easy to shop at a different store, change jobs, or move cities. But changing how you view the world and what you know? This takes a spiritual energy most fear and avoid.

We are in the end stages of democracy just like the later years of the USSR were the final stages of Communism. Nothing is real, nothing is true, and yet we keep up illusions because we are afraid of what might come next.

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