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Why Meritocracy Fails: Ted Cruz

Modernity induces us to rely on certain absolute mechanisms which are methods that we use as goals, like equality, meritocracy, carrot-and-stick, and bureaucracy. We claim these are fair so that we do not feel bad about forcing them on others.

Ted Cruz grew up in this system and learned how to win at it. He thinks he should be president because he was an A-student, learned all the stuff, and recited everything that his teachers said. This is why he should not be president.

Meritocracy produces stooges like Ted Cruz. They are very good at memorizing and reciting in new and exciting forms the principles they have learned; they can rationalize from those principles to justify whatever they want and consider themselves very clever for it.

Someone like Ted Cruz looks at a situation and thinks, “How do I manipulate this to end in my favor?” He is very clever at this. He does not think, “How I do I take this to an ultimately good place for the best outcome?”

A sane person, when speaking of the January Sixth “Insurrection,” attempts to be as clear as possible about actual fact and its implications. Ted just wants to make sure he says the right thing to get to the next level.

Like most third world people of any race, he is soulless, having given himself entirely to materialistic utility with no concern for achieving goodness and excellence (arete).

If you wonder why the third world is a mess, consider that it is individualist. In it there is no sense of working toward excellence or social trust. It is “every man for himself,” and the cleverest wins.

Electing Ted Cruz to office would produce further dominance by the Deep State. Ted would do what was “right” in the school sense, meaning that he would find clever compromises with all parties and justify what he wants in terms of what is accepted.

What made the West great was that our ancestors aimed for excellence instead of procedure. Ted Cruz is an expert at procedure; he is also not White, nor is he Western European.

Any Republican who supports this guy is fooling himself.

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