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How to Spot a Grifter

In all things, we have to separate instance from essence. A chair, in essence, may be a good thing, but if the chair that you get has uneven legs, it is not very good at being a chair.

We can define a chair not as a thing, but as an essence comprised of purpose and some logical principles about how to meet that. A chair is fundamentally a design, and anything which fits that pattern can be called a chair.

At that point, chairs fall on the standard distribution, with some excellent ones and some terrible ones and most in the middle. How do we asses this value? Some of it is “objective” such as balance, stability, sturdiness, and size, but some is “subjective” such as comfort level, and is both “objective” in that some chairs fit the physical form of some individuals better than others, and “subjective” in that some people perceive more comfort details than others or care more about some aspects of comfort (soft, firm, lumbar support) than others.

Conservatism is an idea: realism coupled with an eye toward transcendental good (arete) meaning an eternal and ongoing process of improvement. It values what has been proven in history, and sees most things on a case-by-case basis because of the intense variation on a local and particular level found in nature.

Now, how does that translate into politics? Badly, since politics involves police action and economics but not much else. Conservatives in politics since 1789 have mostly focused on trying to delay the crazy ideas advanced by the Left, but as these become part of the system, conservatives get conned into working with them instead of screaming from the rooftops that they must be repealed.

Imagine how that would look to the voters, for example, if every session of Congress began with conservatives trying to repeal welfare, social security, medicare, public schooling, affirmative action, enforced civil rights, and the administrative state. The voters, over time, see conservatives as stealing from the voters for taking away the “free” benefits!

We have gotten to the point where we have a thousand years of law, based on The Enlightenment™ and bad interpretations of Christianity as a religion of pity, which takes from the strong and gives to the weak, mostly in terms of power but also wealth, time, energy, and popularity.

This has created an inverted society which rejects winners, integrity, honesty, health, sanity, intelligence, and goodness, and routinely trips over its own feet trying to find people to pity who have none of the above.

Naturally, it is in decline, and its people have stopped breeding. Existential misery pervades its lands. No one has faith in anything, so all have become selfish and mean-spirited, dark in their outlook.

To undo this requires only a few simple legal changes, but before we get there, we have to reject equality in our hearts and minds, and want a return to the naturalistic, including hierarchy, responsibility, consequences, and accumulated wisdom.

That requires something difficult from us: we must change within, or evolve and adapt in our expectations and the direction where that leads us.

For most people, that is a tough sell, since they do not want to believe that we are failing, hate to think that they are doomed, fear being seen as losers or haters for being the first to mention the failure, and resist the idea that they have wasted so much of their lives on this moribund con-job of a system.

Hence the grifters arise. Like snake oil salesmen or late-night infomercials, they offer a simple formula. Instead of looking at the big picture, look at this one detail and how it might actually be the magic symbol or talisman which makes all of your problems go away!

The internet burned up when Jack [[[ MURPHY ]]] was revealed to be not an men’s rights activist but essentially an ambisexual, perverse, and cuckolded OnlyFans bear.

However, we are surrounded by cope-hope that tries to make one part of the whole into the whole and use it as a religion.

  • National Socialism: the socialist system adapted to being pro-German, it failed from internal instability long before it lost the war. Its followers have made it into a religion which boils down to accepting mixed-whites as Whites and killing Jews instead of fixing our actual problems.
  • Jesus: (mainstream) Christianity operates on the principle that by teaching the bad to behave as if they were good, they can slide by long enough to breed, ensuring more bad in the next generation. Its fanatics want to use it as a replacement for culture and a plan to change our failing leadership.
  • Masculinity: these clowns follow the same procedure as the Christians, which is to tell you to ignore the program and focus on personal development, usually lifting weights and collecting guns. While that is not terrible advice as part of a larger program, it always replaces that program.
  • RINOs: they want you to stop thinking about fixing society and instead focus on White Flight, or living in a “parallel economy” where you still pay taxes but buy only products from… other RINOs. Like the National Socialists, they encourage you to do nothing and wait for some Mad Max style collapse which will never happen, meaning that you just buy Right-wing products and hang out in your armchair.
  • Anarcho-capitalists: like the National Socialists and RINOs, they want you to do nothing but go shopping until the great race war and violent collapse occurs, even though the most likely scenario is that we slowly become a third world nation while they watch from their armchairs.

You can recognize grifters by their sales job: this part is more important than the whole.

They seize on one tangible thing that you can act on right now, offer you products to match, and then tell you that you are waiting for some event. Jesus will come back, the race war will begin, or the world will suddenly wake up.

Not gonna happen.

Collapsing civilizations slowly lose abilities. They replace geniuses with obedient conformist bean-counters and yes-men. Everything becomes less competent until one day you wake up, serving under a warlord for an empty dogma, where only your loyalty to the absurd matters.

All human civilizations die this way. There is no easy way to stop it except to stop mentally going through the process that enables it, stop supporting it, speak out against it, make culture against it, and push back by subverting it by pointing out the reality hidden under the chrome, glass, money, and Stasi uniforms.

The Poles and Russians overthrew their Communist masters this way, and we must do the same. We cannot rely on Hitler, Jesus, or a heap of 9mm ammo to do this for us. We must rebuild our culture, starting by rejecting equality.

Any other “answer” is a non-solution and if you look closely, you will find the associated products that the grifters are pimping. They do not believe there is a solution; they just want their pile of cash.

This describes both the Republican Party and the various Nazi groups as well as the religious fanatics and weight-lifting masculinity experts who like their wives to sleep with other men.

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