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Why Majorities Never Defend Themselves


Some insight into why majority groups rarely defend themselves:

The only thing holding back Whites from consolidating is fear of the unknown, not reprisal by the federal government. White nationalists are afraid of the hard work needed to build an economy in an isolated place from scratch. So they live in parts of the country that are 80 percent White — at most— and enjoy the salaries that come from experiencing life in an area with a pre-established economy.

Let us expand this further: a majority, under an assault by a minority, fragments because trust is lost. It becomes “every man for himself,” which is conveniently what most people want anyway, i.e. anarchy with grocery stores and fat paychecks. This is the default tendency in humans, which is to unmake civilization and go back to our monkey roots.

At this point, people are offered a choice: embark on a risky course of action that most people will oppose, or blow off the problem until it is cataclysmic and keep the easy living coming. This is why Barack Obama was more successful at creating white self-interest than ten generations of white malcontents. He showed us the future under diversity, and people finally started to figure out that it would be bad.

The only thing that can motivate us is not self-interest, but a sense of duty to do what is right because it has better results than self-interest, which creates many isolated people hiding in their homes, completely alienated and forced to be oblivious to that fact. As American Renaissance CEO Jared Taylor wrote in a recent Q&A:

There is still much to enjoy in a declining society that is declining from a position of great wealth. If I wanted to spend my days in pleasure it would certainly be possible. However, I have a duty, and that duty does not permit me to remain silent.

If a majority wants to save itself, its first task must be to recapture duty from jobs, government, and ideology and return it to a sense of acting for the best outcome of one’s unbroken line to the past.

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