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The Future Of Diversity Conflict: Diversity Against Diversity

The diversity are killing each other. Or rather, the same tensions that exist between diverse minorities and the majority also exist between ethnic minorities. Witness this event from Texas’ bog city:

The controversy began after Sethi posted, “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like #AllLivesMatter” in a now deleted Facebook status.

…Vice President Rohini Sethi’s five sanctions include a 50-day suspension beginning Aug. 1, mandatory attendance of the Libra Project diversity workshop, mandatory attendance of three cultural events per month, a reflection letter and a public presentation in the Senate Meeting on Sep. 28.

Rohini Sethi is not white, and appears to be of Indian subcontinent descent. Her comment was probably intended in a gentle way to remind us that other minorities need to be spared too. But when she confronts a cop, what will it be? Chinese, Mexican, El Salvadorian, African-American, Korean, Vietnamese? All of these ethnicities are common in Houston, and clashes between Hispanics, African-Americans and Vietnamese with Indian subcontinent descended people are common.

The future of diversity warfare was revealed over twenty years ago with the Los Angeles Riots and the time afterwards. Most of the violence against blacks came from Hispanics, who are indios and thus Asian, not “white” as the FBI database records them. And vice-versa.

Now that we have many ethnic groups together, they are all competing for a simple thing: control of the narrative so their cultural values and needs can predominate. Nationalists argue that this can only be solved by self-determination which requires exclusion of all other groups, like a more extreme form of segregation where we all stay in our homelands. But democracy and diversity want to force us to live together by a standard and culture formed of the lowest common denominator of all groups, which translates to “Everyone should eat/shop/work and not criticize each other,” and which never works.

What happened to Sethi was an injustice. She did not say “go ahead and shoot black people”; she said, in effect, “include my people too.” Yet another tragedy of diversity, this time a rare enforcement on someone who is not white, but with the same injustice and resentment generated.

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