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Why hipsters are wrong

It seems the underlying argument is that food and palates have evolved over the past 10 years. People now seek a sophisticated, cleaner, more wholesome dining experience as opposed to the caveman-like proportions of sizzling beef and pork, dripping in sticky barbecue sauce and deep-fried accompaniaments served up at the shack.

And yet, three months after opening, the 200-plus seat restaurant continues to pack its tables, night after night.

The Times

The hipsters, opinion industry workers, critics and Nanny State finger-wagging naggers will tell you that we have “moved on” and “Progressed” and are now “enlightened” and don’t need or like certain things.

I have the opposite viewpoint:

There is nothing new under the sun.

We are as we always have been. Some things will always be tasty, others will always be true, and most of these “primitive” opinions and food options exist because they’re a good adaptation to reality.

Spend a long day working hard — not typing opinions into some nitwit culture magazine — and you’ll appreciate real food(tm).

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