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More politically correct madness

Ministers are considering plans to force companies into publishing in-depth details of their employee’s salaries, ordered by gender.

In a move intended to eradicate the gender pay gap once and for all, the government is considering plans to shame companies into paying both male and female employees fairly.

Should the plans be approved, private companies will be required to publish annual figures specifying the number of male and female employees in each of their different pay grades. A ‘pay inequalities’ league table would then be developed from the results, designed to name and shame the companies with the largest gender pay gap.


Thus completely ignoring individual traits and abilities.

Someone can be female AND incompetent, but this doesn’t convey that.

Someone can be female AND 85% competent, so still a good worker, but maybe not as valuable as someone male AND 95% competent.

But this ignores that.

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