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Why Gun Control Is A Failed Agenda


A former CIA agent reveals some of the secrets of self-protection, and in doing so, makes a profound argument about gun control and its futility:

Taking guns away from people and making it harder to get them obviously does no good, because it only keeps honest people from having guns … criminals will always find a way to get guns no matter what laws are made.

The more technology for machining guns in small workshops spreads, the more likely this is to be an issue. The real game-changer is not 3D printers, but machine tools that accept designs from CAD programs, which means that great firearms of the past can be replicated from free designs.

Those who have read this blog for some time know that for every Leftist agenda like gun control, there is another problem they are trying to conceal, distract and deflect from. In this case, the problem is dysgenics and class warfare, which has resulted in legions of people too mentally incompetent to use guns:

I carry a gun on a daily basis and I believe guns would save lives if every responsible person carried one. (The key word being “responsible” people.)

How many responsible people do we have left in the West? For someone to be responsible, they need to have the physical wiring to anticipate the results of their actions (highish IQ) and the moral fortitude to care about those consequences, plus the incentive to do so, which does not exist under diversity, because no one can say that those who will be affected by a stray shot are necessarily “their” people.

While the Leftist agenda of gun control seems designed to aid tyranny, and it may well be, its fundamental goal is pacifism. It wants to make all people equal by removing the ability of any individual to resist the herd by force. In so doing, like most Leftist programs, it ends up creating a new criminal elite who rule because they are not befuddled by the lies, distractions and concealments (maskirovka).

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