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Why do corporations support multiculturalism?

Our national demographic has metamorphosed into a darker-hued population, which is changing how America plans for the future. The cultural dialogue and language are changing. Political parties, churches and corporations must rethink how we go forward and with whose needs in mind. Without question, Obama’s Administration will reshape the good-ole-boys’ club we have seen for centuries, altering the political terrain, and it may very well spawn new hope for the disenfranchised.

According to recent reports, some white Democrats said they couldn’t vote for Obama because he was black. And yes, a few blacks may have voted for him solely because he was black. But most blacks have not been blinded by race. Though proud of his blackness, those who did vote for him were far more thoughtful in making the decision and based their vote on promises that he now must keep. To think that this election was a shoo-in for him among blacks because of our affinity for our own people is disingenuous at best and at worst insults our intelligence. And it ignores the fact that many other blacks have run for President and walked away without winning a primary, much less the presidency.


Well, the corporate elites seem to be eating this one up.

I wonder how they think the racial divide will be healed, since one or another has to be on top, unless we all become blended — and join successful blended nations like Brazil, India, Iraq and Mexico.

This election was about retribution against the perceived ruling demographic, and a bratty electorate that howled in protest at a falling economy — the result itself of a democratic administration.

So the future is fairly sickening as this downward spiral continues.

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