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Why Conservatives Should Support Abortion

Much as one is tempted to rag on conservatives for having almost no understanding of liberalism and even less of the conservative ideal, it becomes tantalizing to note the same for the Left, namely that they have no idea what motivates conservatives or why someone might switch over after the failure of the Leftist world order.

Leftists do not understand why anyone would not be a Leftist. To them, the world is simple: people with power, wealth, health, sanity, talent, and intelligence bully everyone else, therefore the only solution is to beat up on the people with those things in order to neuter them and keep them from bullying.

Their error is that of all bigots, namely a category error called a hasty generalization:

This fallacy is committed when a person draws a conclusion about a population based on a sample that is not large enough. It has the following form:

  1. Sample S, which is too small, is taken from population P.
  2. Conclusion C is drawn about Population P based on S.

The person committing the fallacy is misusing the following type of reasoning, which is known variously as Inductive Generalization, Generalization, and Statistical Generalization:

  1. X% of all observed As are Bs.
  2. Therefore X% of all As are Bs.

The fallacy is committed when not enough As are observed to warrant the conclusion. If enough As are observed then the reasoning is not fallacious.

The human mind does not understand this. It says, “100% of the people who bullied me were strong,” to which one must ask, “What percentage of those who are strong were involved in bullying?” Generally it turns out that relativity fooled them: people who were stronger than them bullied them, and were not bullied by those in turn stronger than them.

If anything, this says that the people at the top have no interest in bullying those below them, but those who are not really strong are bullying each other. The Leftist simply conceals his bullying as victimhood and proceeds to victimize others, just like most impoverished criminals rob, assault, and kill other impoverished people.

This shows us the nature of Leftism, which is lower echelons of the natural social hierarchy established by competence, fighting each other for dominance, and missing out on what the winners in life do, which is to produce, create, and invent good things instead of trying to bicker over the products of yesterday.

As a result of being trapped in this mental loop, Leftists consider the world to consist of two opposite forces, those who want equality in which the lower echelons are important instead of forgotten and those who want the lower echelons to be considered on the basis of their (negligible) contributions.

Conservatism is nature, including social order, since it wants to preserve civilization against The Civilization Disease, in which people ignore reality and react to each other, growing farther every day from a realistic view, until they tear society down into a third world ruin with their endless manipulations.

The pathology of Leftists is created by their genetic-biological inability to see the need to be productive more than the minimum. To them, the minimum is all, so they fight over how it is restributed, but to conservatives, the question is not whether what we have is good or bad, but if we can make it better.

In other words, a farm that produces a thousand bushels of wheat provokes in the Leftist a need to give each worker the same share, but the conservative focuses on producing more, making better quality wheat, or reducing losses. The conservative looks upward and the Leftist looks backward.

Similarly in politics, the Left would rather fight over the power quantum of yesterday than look toward the future, which is why they rely on democracy, which consists of factions of Communism fighting for control because they fundamentally do not believe that anything can improve.

With Leftism, out of fear of bullying, you force everyone back into subsistence levels; conservatism aims to “conserve” that which is eternally good, including aiming above and not behind, because it realizes that most people would rather fight over their share than increase the share of all even if unequal.

With this in mind, the Leftist cannot understand the conservative because the conservative is arguing toward a future which does not exist yet, while the Leftist wants to discard everything that works in favor of him getting more of what is already here.

The Leftist, blind to what the conservative sees, can imagine no reason why conservatives would choose hierarchy, order, and preservation of knowledge over equal distribution, therefore has to imagine that conservatives are animated by some controlling force, and decides that all conservatives are Christian fundamentalists.

Most conservatives, not understanding conservatism, take the Leftist idea as real and become Christian fundamentalists or the secular equivalent who worship patriotism and business/military strength instead.

In reality, although they rarely understand it, conservatives carry forth an ancient command: to make civilization survive without allowing it to destroy us genetically, since civilization replaces nature with human structures and rewards those who manipulate people and systems, leading to loss of useful realistic traits over time.

The problem here is that modern conservatives have become inverted. Instead of seeing genetics as vital to our goal, we too often adopt the Leftist framework and see genetics as irrelevant because — in our humanist rationalization — we see all people as “equal” separated only by mystical superstitions like hard work, ability, and so on.

Your average modern human thinks that the difference between Mozart and Muzak is that Mozart “worked harder,” not that he had some innate genius or talent. This shows a bigotry against genetics and therefore, a bias in favor of equal low performance instead of recognizing higher performance and rewarding it with hierarchy.

Part of the conservative confusion about genetics comes through our rejection of commonsense eugenicist principles, something that comes into play with the abortion debate:

Abortion on demand, at any time, for any reason, without informed consent or parental notification, without the safety and medical licensing regulations currently governing in most states, and paid for by taxpayers — this is the push presently underway in several states by mainstream Democrats.

While no conservative could sensibly endorse the egalitarian policy of taxpayer-funded healthcare, no clearly thinking conservative could ever oppose abortion. Those who abort are removing future Leftists, either the poor who will claim to be bullied because they cannot make themselves rich, or the spawn of promiscuous neurotic Leftists.

Conservatives like the ideal that every life is sacred because conservatives think that they should be religious fundamentalists, but in reality, as relativity shows us, every life is different. Some perceive more than others, and those who perceive little rarely if ever turn out to be conservatives.

If we had abortion vending machines on every streetcorner, the number of Leftists would decrease every generation as would the number of poor. This would be a small effect at first, but gain momentum as those who should not breed would breed less and abort more over the years.

The morality of religious fundamentalists is “good to the good, and good to the bad”; the morality of natural selection, sanity, and conservatism is “good to the good, and bad to the bad.” Abortion may be bad, but doing it to those who are bad results in an increase of good.

Conservatives find themselves stuck in the 1860s, reacting to the Left as if it were a legitimate political view instead of a concealed minority-fueled drive toward Communism, which is just the modern form of tyranny (rule for the sake of its own perpetuation) on the backs of those incompetent to make political decisions.

Conservatives can instead affirm what they believe: we believe in “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.” We espouse freedom within social hierarchy, commerce within culture, tolerance for those who achieve good things. We do not believe in individualism over all else, and this means that we recognize babies are not equal.

White nationalists of course are stuck in the 1920s, reacting to Africans when they should be looking at diversity as a whole. If they were thinking, they would realize that abortion most importantly reduces the number of White traitors who act against the spirit of our culture and the need for continuity to our founding in our genetics and culture.

Philosophy has its critics, but it makes sense for us to be consistent and understand our own beliefs before we rush off half-cocked and agitate for a mixture of Leftism and conservatism that will always default to its lowest common denominator, the me-first individualism of egalitarianism.

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