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Why BLM Now?

The obvious first-pass answer is to look at a graph where election years are on an X-Axis and BLM riots are the Y. Run it from say 2015 to 2020 and you’ll get two spikes that look like the sweet spot of some political Dirac Delta Function. These two spikes just coincidentally coincide with 2016 and 2020. What would those two years have in common? Presidential Elections.

Looking at this from a political lens of the demoralized cynic makes the above paragraph the all-encompassing explanation of BLM. The Dems need an NPC army of Knee-Grows. They need them angered, they need to demonstrate that they can threaten people into handing them Snickers Bars. They need them to see the Dem Brand on every one of those Snickers Bars. That’s how Jesse Jackson’s so-called Raibow Coalition always works. It’s Skittles for votes, once every four years.

So why no cities aflame in 2000 after George W. Bush was allegedly tied to James Byrd getting dragged behind a pick-up across the back roads of Texas? That’s way closer to an Emmett Till Lynching that anything that happened in Minneapolis or an Atlanta Wendy’s. I mean poor James Byrd wasn’t even out jogging with cargo shorts, work boots, and a hammer. Yet no cities burned in anticipation of Election 2000. Not even after the vote count was hung and it went into overtime.

So why BLM now and in 2016? Because Blacks are begginning to politically and socially matter less than they did 20 years ago. Saying such a thing is !HERESY! Amerika’s most bestest President evah, King Obama The Wise and Sagacious, was Black (kinda sorta’ on Election Day). Does everyone remember how much more holy and beatific Amerika became the day he was anointed into office? Fair enough, me neither.

But the Census tells us Whitey is dying off. Shouldn’t the average Black be out on the town ordering a Singapore Sling? I mean they can stick it to The Man who is too old and frail to successfully manuever his walker and escape. This should be paradise city for the likes of DeRay McKesson.

A new report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows America’s population is 60.1 percent white, the lowest level ever recorded. Among those under 16 years of age, fewer than half are white, a sign that white Americans are having fewer children and doing so later in life. “The nation is becoming more diverse, especially among the young,” said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution.

Amerika is now more !DIVERSE! Happy Juneteenth. At least until you read the fine print.

Asian Americans represented the fastest-growing segment of the population over the last decade. The number of Asian Americans in the United States grew to 22.8 million, a 29 percent increase. The number of people of Hispanic descent grew by 10 million, or 20 percent over the last decade. The median age among Hispanics is 29.8, though that number has risen two years over the last decade, a sign that fertility rates are slowing across racial and ethnic lines. Bi- and multiracial Americans are the youngest cohort, with a median age of just 21 years old.

So Amerika is only 60.1% White. No country for Melanin-Deprived old men. But if we take the last three census counts, Whites aren’t the only ethnic population in decline in Nu-Amerika as a competitive ethnicty. Blacks are essentially treading water in terms of their population proportion. Asians are growing as a proportion of the US population, at a linear rate of 1% a year. Hispanics are growing logarythmically. This means they are slowing down in proportional growth, but that they still increase over each decade as a population cohort. Not many Amerikans swirl, unless you consider all Hispanics somewhat swirled, your mixed-race population is 2%. The net effect is a less White, less swirled, and a comparatively less Black Nu-Amerika.

As you can see on the chart below, even the demise of White Amerika will not demographically empower African-Amerikans over the course of the 21st Century.

This isn’t crazy White racism unless we’re just plain too stupid to bother with Hispanics and Asians when we tie all the NASCAR Nooses. This is a Black own-goal. Planned Parenthood couldn’t afford the price of buying 30-50 seats in Congress every two years without Black Amerika. Nor would Fathers’ Day Weekend in Chicago be a hunting trip without a bag limit. Whites could all hold hands and walk off a cliff in Grand Canyon National Park and African Americans would sill fail to dominate Amerikan demographics.

With Hispanic-Amerikans maintaining family structures and Asian Amerikans doing what Asian-Asians do without a one-child policy in place, Blacks are beginning to realize that Whites are not their problem. Where Blacks have run up against large groups of organized Hispanics and Asians, they very rapidly discovered that Second Amendment Rights are not the sole province of the Caucasian Persuasion. Compton is less and less Black every year for reasons that have nothing to do with Black success. The Korea Town a few miles from La Brea Avenue fared way better than La Brea in the LA Rodney King Riots. Put somewhat cruelly, other non-White minorities put up with far less crap off of Blacks than do White people.

It’s White Guilt, as opposed to Cambodian or Honduran. Start that “Whitey On The Moon” crap around poeple who escaped East Asia one step ahead of The Khymer Rouge, and meet some people perfectly willing and able to jam a rocket up Gil Heron’s happy ass and send him swimming in The Sea of Tranquility. Lefty Pelosi can pretty much take a knee and lick a boot all she wants. She’ll be dead in fewer than 15 years and the Nu-Amerikan will tell DeRay McKesson to go pound sand when they finish taking over Harvard and Yale from the dead, White Lefties.

Blacks realize that a negative identity involving hatred of White People serves them not at all. They become as pathetic as the $PLC looking for new Neo-Nazis now that the Nazi-Nazis are all dead or long retired. There raison d’etre is as cooked as a raisin in the sun. They might as well all sign up to be Agents of The Dawn. It would be in perfect apposition to the actual sun going down forever on their pathetic liberal White Guilt Racket.

Perhaps they hold BLM riots to squeeze the last drop of juice out of the aging Albino lemon. Or maybe, at some fundamental level, they realize negative identity will never make their lives matter to anyone. They have to change or their influence will fade to nothing along with the residual presence of the Whiteness they deem as systemically evil. They have to change or their lives will never matter again as much as they do right now. And right now, those lives won’t matter all that much come 4 November 2020. The BLM riots are all about getting that last crop of hay in the barn before their fields lay barren and fallow.

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