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Why are our society’s elites liberals?

Elites love liberalism because liberalism is the one ideology that won’t get you torn apart by a mob. They’re trying to keep their jobs, promote their businesses, and not get destroyed by idiots with a grudge.

It’s just like in Bolshevik Russia during the revolution, or France during their revolution. Anyone who appeared to side with the ancien regime was a troublemaker, and that gave the crowd license to loot their homes, rape their daughters, etc.

So the elites made a big show of being liberal. It’s no different in America today. If you want people to like you, convince them you’re with the new and hip, the unique, the people-powered, “The People,” the tolerant, the Progressive, the nice-to-everyone, the great granter of gifts to the dispossessed, etc. They don’t honestly believe these views. They use their views as a justification for their status and wealth, and in an attempt to make the crowd not tear them apart.

Of course, that will never work — when a true revolution is in play, order is suspended, and those with the guns take whatever they want. And if you are with the struggle, comrade, you will not mind sharing your house|daughters|wealth for the cause, will you?

I identify myself as a liberal, in that I believe in justice, but I’m also a historical literate, and I view the results of history as scientific knowledge. So I am anti-liberal in that liberal methods will lead to tyranny by failing and creating third-world disorder.

I have lived in third world places and, while their are good people there, the society at large is dysfunctional and it penalizes and isolates smart people. If humanity wants to reach great heights, we need to nurture and support smart people, and beat down idiots and corrupt people. Simple truth, but it requires work, and getting off the couch — and risking being made a fool in the eyes of others, or failing, or not having the absolute “freedom” to be obligated and beholden to nothing except your whims and your slavelike job — is the one taboo in this society. – Metal Hall

This give us a good view of those of us in any kind of “third way”: we’re not liberals or conservatives, but tend to be people who from liberal motivations adopt conservative (“proven by history”) viewpoints.

We tend to go beyond what even paleoconservatives will do, and look toward types of societies that thrived in the past, and try to hybridize those with our technology.

It’s about time to do this. We changed our society so it could create technology; now, we should look over our options, and pick the best way to live so that our society doesn’t “wag the dog” and have us serving it.

Increasing conflict worldwide and a neurotic, divided, miserable state within our society shows us that not only would this be a good idea, but it would be fun, and could liberate us from obligation to dead and dying ideas that make no sense whatsoever but are supported because they “look good” to the masses, and we want to sell them stuff, yes we do.

However, the masses are inert, and if given a chance, will destroy society around them and end up living in third-world corruption, dysfunction and squalor all while loudly proclaiming their freedom. They’re not the ones to make political decisions because just like brain surgeon is a role requiring a rare personality, so is “leader.” Not everyone can do it. Not even by voting.

So as you see the bloviation of wealthy, wasteful Hollywood and East Coast elites, and see them loudly proclaim their Progressive dogma, keep in mind that they’re just trying to sell products. If they believed what they said, they’d live in inner city neighborhoods and be activists first and actors/marketers/politicians second.

But they don’t, and that’s the proof positive that elite liberalism is a marketing ploy and not an honest, well-considered belief. Feel free to laugh at anyone who takes it seriously.

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