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Liberal views are (scientifically) unproven

History is a form of science. We can see which designs worked and which did not.

There’s two types of societies: organized ones and deconstructing ones.

Liberalism, the People, etc. is deconstruction and places power in the hands of those who are most easily fooled.

They are then ruled by oligarchs, of whom technocrats are a subset.

No matter how liberal you get, problems remain.

But if you read some history, and learned about how civilization like software has a design theory behind it, you would see that liberalism is the cause of the problems it finds repellent.


Worth discussing, at least. What is the design theory of civilizations?

It is the idea that the format of a civilization creates its outcomes, more than its technology or wealth.

For example, some designs could lead to a coherent life for citizens and a clear ongoing function to the society.

Other designs could cause that to break down, creating a long-term spiral into disorder and dysfunction.

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