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White people are the devil

Interesting post from Underprivileged Publishing:

Annie Le Killer Raymond Clark III Adds Name to Long List of White Psychos Who “Show No Previous Signs of Violence”

“When will the white people you work, go to school with or who or your neighbors give in to the dark voices that most often result in, for example, a body being found hidden in a wall recess?” Asks leading racial psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs.

“Their ability to present themselves as normal and, then, through their media project their day to day goings as normal is the most deceptive aspect of their psychosis,” Dr. Jacobs says. “People of other races and all women should always be aware of the aberrant thoughts that lead to the psychotic behavior historically demonstrated by whites. At anytime, anywhere any of us are subject to be their victims.”

Underprivileged Journalism

They have a point. White people are different, with different needs and downsides.

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