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White Flight II: Exodus To Whiteopia

Right now, the market has gone a bit giddy with real estate speculation:

Record-low mortgage rates have added fuel to the fire as homeownership is now more affordable for buyers.

“We have this market imbalance tipped pretty solidly in favor of sellers at this point,” says Hale. “Yet many homeowners believe that now is still not a good time to sell.”

This has led to a return to bidding wars and offers over asking price, which is helping to drive up home prices. And it doesn’t look like they’ll be coming down anytime soon.

Industry aims to stimulate more activity in financing in order to keep more money moving through the economy. The people who are buying feel confident, which means that they are the ones with semi-professional jobs who are working remotely for big corporations.

In with all of this speculation, where people are upgrading houses in the hopes of having them become much more valuable later (a.k.a. “the California retirement plan”), others are simply fleeing the kleptocratic diverse cities for whitopias:

A whitopia has three qualities. First, a whitopia has posted at least six percent population growth since 2000. Secondly, majority of that growth, often upwards of 90 percent, comes from white migrants. And the third quality of a whitopia is that it has a special feel. A je ne sais quoi. A social charm.

In other words, as VDARE observes, people are longing for heritage America:

Of course, the entire country was over 85% white before the 1965 Immigration act. Combined with the high birthrates after World War II, the whole of America probably qualified as a Whitopia.

Benjamin’s statistics merely establish is that there are some counties in America that are not yet flooded with Third World immigrants that managed to grow without the installation of low income housing.

I have no doubt that white flight exists, although it is complicated because whites tend create conditions that cause them to be followed by minorities.

America showed what happened when you took the cream of the crop of humans — based on both abilities and a natural nobility or tendency to produce beauty, elegance, and balance — and filtered out the weak by subjecting them to long voyages, attacking Amerinds, and a need to provide food and housing for themselves or perish.

It was not just Whites, but ethnic Western Europeans, who built this land. They came from England, Germany, Scotland, the Netherlands, and some from Northern France. They wanted to get away from crowded Europe which had fallen from religious wars, invasions, and peasant revolts.

In this new land, there was plenty of space, and the thronging masses that were making Europe intolerable were kept at bay.

When people talk about desiring the old America, or America as it was before the 1990s, they mean WASP America, or that ruled by the ethnic Western European descendants of those ancient pioneer forebears.

After the 1960s, America fell into the hands of admixed groups from Southern European, Eastern European, and Mediterranean groups. Since that time, things have been going visibly downhill, although deep terminal problems have existed since WW1 or before.

We are now in a conversation about whether to restore Old America or to endure the new until we look like Mexico, ruled by a dark-complected group of Whites but never really rising to any level of importance. Your spirit is shattered by living in a third-world or Communist regime.

In the meantime, the great sorting continues. Like the first White Flight, we see White people escaping the diverse areas for places where they can be with people like them. Feet matter more than ballots. At some point, this will precipitate crisis, and then we can move forward past this broken time.

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