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When Can We Call It “Terrorism”?

The decline of Western Civilization in South Africa has reached such epic proportions that it has even attracted the attention of the fake news media. Their stock answer is always to deride South Africa as a third world country with a nice mountain. They have to say this, since contemporary South Africa is a product of Leftist, Hollywood and media intervention.

After Mandela died the newspaper attention waned, but when affirmative action Trevor Noah replaced John Stewart as a comedian on American television’s Daily Show, a few commentators woke up and started to see some strange political adventures taking place. This is not to be confused with Hollywood’s routine derogatory inclusion of South Africans in its scripts as mercenaries and criminals.

The news glosses over inconvenient facts that contradict the Leftist narrative. It routinely avoids mention of the farm murders, wherein white farmers are killed by members of an African underclass which is supported by the ruling political party, thanks to the greater numbers of African voters.

One fact that cannot be debunked is that a United Nations representative established that Boers are currently subject to level six genocide. In other words, the Zulu nation is not under threat (at all) and neither are the British, German or Portuguese descendants living in South Africa.

The Boers face an escalating wave of violence, discrimination and government-mandated marginalization. We all know where this leads: to their elimination. For some strange reason genocide is not classified as “terrorism.” Even Rwandan genocide failed to rate a blip on American media screens. So what do you do when a South African asks for help?

Even here affirmative action plays a role, because black South Africans enjoy migrant status in Kentucky’s sanctuary cities while Boer migrants are refused.  Apparently American diplomats accept anyone, unless the South African Ambassador to America complains to the Secretary of State when “certain” people apply.

Clearly American Politicians are complicit in the Boer genocide as classified by the UN, which is acceptable because it is not terror. This is explained by arguing that, for genocide to be terror, there has to be a political intent. Since Mandela already ruled in South Africa, there can be no political intent for killing farmers.

But farmers, women, children and workers are indeed being brutally and tortuously killed. The trick is that it is not all at once.  Therefor some commentators call it a gradual genocide, which the UN seems to agree with. In fact Gregory Stanton agrees that the Bushmen are also being genocided at the same time. This has led to even more UN agencies getting involved such as (UNPO) “Unrepresented People”  in the World.

All of the UN involvement in response to requests for help has come to naught, meaning that “official” channels and the media those channels control, literally ignore the reported facts, despite acknowledging it.

Despite experts identifying gradual genocide, it is still required of the victim to prove that he is being terrorized, before asking for help. The proof experts refer to is the politically authorized dissolution of the regional security service structure in the entire country.

In other words, the police must become implements of the political policy of the regime, and not just law enforcement. Obviously this presents a huge logical hole because laws can be changed to prosecute or ignore the victimization of a target group.

After Mandela became President, thousands of terrorists previously trained elsewhere in Africa such as Tanzania, “returned” to South Africa in glorious fashion, to be designated as “veterans” while some of the experienced terrorists were employed in staff military and police positions. Since they were all trained in terrorist acts such as surveillance and weapons, those that did not receive jobs felt disillusioned and promptly started with advanced criminal acts such as hi-jacking money-in-transit vehicles very effectively.  Once bank security became more effective, they changed to the next low hanging fruit, such as remote farmers with safes containing money and weapons.

Heists and farm murders have been noticed by senior police officials, but they gloss over it as statistically insignificant when compared to blacks being killed. Unbeknownst to them, this is exactly where the political intent rears its ugly face. They are willing to ignore the greater percentages of whites being victimized to focus on the more numerous black citizens, whose victimization is not designed to eliminated them as a population.

A recent study by a civil activist group showed that when elected black officials go on television expressing hatred for whites or denouncing farmers in song or in verbal abuse, that farmer deaths increase afterwards.

This gives them a dual pronged strategy: in private ignore the crimes against whites, who being a smaller group face a greater threat from fewer crimes, and the political strategy behind them; in public, encourage these crimes with political rhetoric and the implication that these crimes will go unpunished.

In social media, hatred for whites is recorded virtually every day. This demonstrates that within the tribal black communities writing in their own languages, hatred for whites, specifically for the farmer is not only “allowed”, but also a popular topic, where it is tribally entrenched to kill whites, rape their women and take their goods/money. This is a cultural wave of ethnic violence.

This is a human rights violation being committed from one group unto another group. What makes it worse is that it is the majority discriminating against the minority. However, the more responsible officials will on this point say that it’s “only a few extremist individuals” who are not even an identifiable group.  One could answer that if it is only a few, why don’t they ever get caught?

White experts such as Gareth Newham of the Institute of Security Studies try to help the South African Government by proposing a “specialized police unit” and specialized courts to address the common triad of carjacking, house robbery and business robbery. What these experts are saying is that police efforts are being hampered by political interference.

This proves that there is intentional political causation of ethnic violence hidden within crime in South Africa, and while it is evident in all categories, the undeniable genocidal effect against white farmers is documented (not to forget the Bushmen tribe, who as an ethnic minority are also targeted). This is terror perpetrated on farmers and protected by the state.

That policy extends into the United States of America, where politicians also protect the criminals. They hide behind the thin distinction that genocide has to be officially ordered by a militarized, politicized police form, but forget that true ethnic violence is spontaneous and requires only a wink and a nod from those officials in a disorganized fashion.

The world has failed recognize the gradual genocide of farmers as terrorism and genocide. Despite the massive investment by Western politicians in fighting “terror” and “racism,” neither of these terms apply when white people are the victims. This invalidates the terms, and makes us wonder whether like terror, these terms are simply a political weapon designed to conceal ethnic crimes.

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