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What Is The Alt Right?

Despite much writing on the topic, most are confused about what the Alt Right actually is. Most simply follow the mainstream media line that the Alt Right is a revival of white nationalism or national socialism.

However, the Alt Right is actually more nuanced than that, combining elements of traditionalism, the European New Right, extreme libertarianism, human biodiversity, men’s rights, anti-modernism, deep ecology, monarchism, nationalism and the Old Right into what is more a series of discussion points as part of a cultural wave that distrusts globalism and its handmaiden, the string of ideologies emerging from “equality.”

It was formed to get away from both the Republican-In-Name-Only (RINO) “cuckservatives” and the antisocial white nationalists. Let us recap why ordinary and successful people mostly avoided white nationalism, as written elegantly and comprehensively by Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent in his penetrating postmortem of white nationalism:

White Nationalism 1.0 was a much smaller movement and disproportionately attracted an audience of edge cases. These people are extreme non-conformists and expressive individualists. This stratum of the population is always found at the fringes of society and have a personality type that is resistant to social conditioning. The same characteristic that initially opened their minds to our message holds back the larger social movement when they reach a critical mass.

There are legions of these ornery people out there who are naturally disagreeable and incapable of finding common ground and working with others to advance a common purpose. They are a familiar figure in all marginalized extremist movements. The low trust, anonymous nature of online messageboards is the perfect breeding ground for their worst tendencies.

…Their message and presentation was stupid, vicious, crazy or ugly. It was easier for the opposition to brand these people with stereotypes and marginalize them. They responded to their rejection by seeing themselves as part of a chosen few.

This is an excellent introduction to why white nationalism drove people away; in addition, as Wallace notes, it was too narrow and had no comprehensive plan for making life better for normal, healthy people. It also focused on being underground politics when it needed to find a presence in culture, including the arts, which it could not do as doctrinaire dogma for life-dropouts.

Starting in the late 1990s, I began writing what I saw as a successor to white nationalism: a movement based on the nationalist idea of the organic society in which people lived for existential greatness instead of materialism, which extended to a type of relaxed but comprehensive roots conservatism. The basis of this was strict realism paired with a question of “what is the best life” for our people.

These ideas developed through an older website and more recently, CORRUPT, a website which featured the Alt Right blend of nationalism, anti-modernism, anti-globalism, transcendental focus and awareness of Austrian economics.

As time went on, these ideas spread through the thoughtful — not necessarily “educated,” as this is not something worth blindly trusting, and many of our best dropped out of high school — wing of the Right and other dissident movements. Eventually, it made its way to many smaller movements who carried on its essential ideas:

First, we don’t think it is useful to have organizations that you can “join.” The internet attracts people who are either using it to get something done, or are hanging out using it to entertain themselves. We don’t want any of the latter, because they will “join” and then do nothing, assuming that having “liked” us means they are being armchair activists. We want those people to go away. The former group, who are here for information, do not need to “join” anything, but need to find some answers.

This leads to the second point: you don’t need to “join” us, but to take our ideas, and join other real-world organizations. Infiltrate the Democratic party, or the local Chamber of Commerce. Show up to technical meetings and inject some ideas. Both the future and the past of National Socialism are built on the independent action of strong people. Be that type of person. You don’t do that by “joining” some internet page. In fact, feeling like all you need to do is join a page makes you more inclined to think your job is done, and to go purchase doughnuts and beer and then go home to watch television.

Here’s a brief list of things you can do to be effective in spreading National Socialism:

  1. Succeed in school and at work. Become a leader that people respect by being successful.
  2. Be active in your community. Get known for your good deeds and wisdom. People will follow you.
  3. Unite people around culture and values. Without being political, you can support classical music, the arts, and traditions in your homeland.
  4. Act independently of others and flaunt it. The biggest political force is conformity. Do what’s right, and laugh at the herd.

This followed a more varied platform that escaped the narrow focus of white nationalism:

Our platform is as follows, and applies to every nation on earth:

  1. Exclude all but the indigenous. Each nation has a founding ethnic group with accompanying culture, religion, language and customs. We will grant citizenship only to full-blooded members of that group.
  2. End all socialist programs. Any program that involves reward before showing results of labor is banned.
  3. Return of Nazi environmental law. In every area except cities, most of the land must be natural and untouched; all freeways must be sheathed in woodland; protection for natural species; limits on size and number of cities.
  4. Support for small business. Give tax breaks, aid and protection to small businesses. Low taxes for all businesses.
  5. Return freedom of association. No person should be forced to hire, sell to, rent to, or even talk to another. This allows government to stop regulating behaviors like deviance and drug use, which can be cured by cultural means, namely ostracization.
  6. Restore the monarchy. As Schopenhauer says, we should take the noblest and most intelligent and breed them to produce a natural elite. This is the best form of government.
  7. Send undesirables elsewhere. Our goal is to protect the good people, not universal rights for all, including the broken. The retarded, criminal, perverse and sociopathic should be sent elsewhere. Their rights do not surpass those of ordinary citizens.
  8. Reduce taxes and size of government. Government is there to protect culture, genetics and environment (blood and soil) not to tell us how to live. Reduce all programs but those.
  9. Support system. Use the power of the taxpayer base to buy job insurance, life insurance and healthcare for citizens and sell to them at these reduced prices.
  10. A new work ethic. The old work ethic is “show us how obedient you are by being here all the time.” The new one will be: show us results, and we don’t care how you did it. Go home and spend time with your family.

Most people are accustomed to the idea that if something needs to be done, government forms a new branch and then sends bureaucrats to make it happen. That doesn’t work! Instead, we use indirect methods because they are less intrusive and work better.

This site is just an example; others spread these terms on further, where uniting with other influences, they produced the brew that is the Alt Right today. There were Nazis endorsing nationalism for both Israel and Europe simultaneously; Neoreactionaries espousing a hyper-libertarianism that rejected democracy; and rumblings about how “equality” always meant Robin Hood programs that impoverished everyone.

Finally, Paul Gottfried — a great writer, entirely worth reading — spoke of the need for an “alternative” to the mainstream Right and underground antisocial Right, and a group at Alternative Right magazine (which since has split into a new version of itself and began writing about the need for this new idea.

Now, these ideas are reaching mainstream publications:

Yesterday’s African nationalists argued, reasonably, that you cannot develop an African civilization if your center of political authority is still in Europe.

Today’s Western nationalists argue, also plausibly, that many European distinctives are unlikely to survive if nation-states are weak, mass immigration constant, Christianity and Judaism replaced by indifferentism and Islam.

…Nor do I have much confidence that the present burst of European nationalism is more than a spasm, a reflex — not when religious practice is so weak, patriotism so attenuated, the continent’s birthrate so staggeringly low.

Our job is to avoid being that mere spasm. We have to rise above what we have been, and become what we were born to be, as Richard Spencer reminds us. A spasm is formed of a reaction to what has already been done, and a desire to remove some bads in the hope that only goods remain. A long-standing movement is formed by having an idea of what we want, knowing what is coming, and designing a plan to protect our people.

If the Alt Right has a unifying idea, it is that Western Civilization is worth preserving and because it has fallen, that we must rebirth it. No civilization can exist without its people, and without genetically Western European people, there is no Western Civilization. But now, they are confused and lost, and need a guide not just away from lies, but to a place of greatness and virtue.

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