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What Is A SoyFroot?

Just listen to Ben Jacobs, who repeatedly thrust a tape recorder at Greg Gianforte until the latter body-slammed him.

You can hear the passive-aggressive bullying. First, Jacobs pretends he did nothing wrong, despite having followed Gianforte into backstage areas where there were no open invites. Next, he lisps again that his glasses are broken, and plays the victim.

Then, the passive-aggressive bully goes on the attack! He starts talking about calling the police. He demands to get names. Security ushers him out. He later pressed charges and Gianforte was issued a misdemeanor, probably because his lawyer was too weak to file assault charges against Jacobs.

Hint: thrusting random dark objects at people, when you are in a place that you do not belong, can put them in fear of their lives and therefore, be assault in most states. Jacobs should have gone to jail, but instead you get to hear him mince, lisp, and then summon Leftist “righteous anger” on this recording.

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