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What Diversity Means: “The UK Is Never Going To Be White Again”

Very few people think through ideas, which requires calculating in the mind what will happen when they are implemented not just at first, but over the years.

What does diversity mean? On paper, that other groups come live among you. You have ethnic restaurants and some mythical benefit of knowledge or culture.

But in actuality? Diversity means that your nation is replaced. At first, there is simply no consensus; social trust is lowered. Over time, you are genetically replaced as people bow to the inevitable and outbreed.

Then your group no longer exists. Something different and foreign — no matter how much it is instructed in “our ways” and “our laws” — takes its place.

Your average person blithely repeats slogans without thinking about how those ideas would look in application. Maybe we need a movie showing an America of nothing but grey people voting Leftist and going to Wal-mart to help the point sink in.

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