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What Are Normies?

Let us recap: humans screw up because, in any human group, people elect to treat means as ends. That is, they mistake going through the motions for achieving necessary results.

This arises from the tendency of human groups to studiously and assiduously avoid real issues. Groups work by social rules, and that means not talking about the things that upset or frighten people, which by definition means avoiding discussion of the most important issues.

This means that human groups are reality-avoidance machines dedicated to symbolic issues, which in turn leads them to see it as more important to be witnessed going through the motions than to focus on what is essential for the future.

When people start going through the motions, inversion occurs: instead of rewarding the good, they reward the bad, which creates an economy of badness because it is cheaper and more rewarding to be bad than to exert effort to be good.

Whether we like it or not, natural selection and eugenics rule us in any type of society we can create. What society rewards, like victimhood, becomes more prevalent, and what it punishes, like strength, starts to vanish through a process known as “degeneration.”

In such a society, symptoms like strength, health, sanity, wisdom, and realism are punished by excluding those who reveal that they can think this way from public roles. This creates an incentive for people to hide themselves behind the pretense of being okay with all of this insanity.

We accept that people who seek power have a certain pathology: they tend to be vain and egotistic, but also only able to focus in a narrow set of circumstances, which instills in them a paraphialia for control of not just their surroundings but anything which can reveal that this setting is not normal.

The normie has another pathology. He seeks to avoid being seen as someone who has noticed that his civilization is inverted. For this reason, normies are pathological rationalizers: whatever horrors happen they will explain to themselves as not just harmless but in fact good.

This parallels the formation of decay. People in a group operate by peer pressure, so by the mathematics of shared interests, they decline to speak about the painful, scary, or troubling big issues like the meaning of life, and instead focus on symbolic issues that unite people.

These tend to take the form of talismans and scapegoats. Talismans are symbols to ward off all loss, evil, and fear; these are like trends, things people do obsessively for a hope that the magic will pass on to them. Attending rock concerts, religious fanaticism, and buy competing products are all these.

Scapegoats on the other hand are the opposite type of symbol. Where Talismans are like lottery wins, meaning that everything gets better if you do this one thing, scapegoats are like infection: everything gets better when you eradicate them with fire, soap, alcohol, and bleach.

Normies are motivated by bourgeois thinking. This, like the cities after which it is name, encourages anonymity and competition for wealth. It requires ignoring consequences by assuming that they are the job of someone else to fix.

Bourgeois normies like solutions that involve money and legislation. They do not want to hear that saving the planet is their duty as individuals; they want to hear that if we vote to make green products mandatory, everything is taken care of.

They do not want to hear that they have a moral duty to behave well. They want to hear about how our laws protect us and anything those laws forget to ban or are imprecise about is legal and therefore “moral” to the bourgeois normies.

We live in a time of inversion because the bourgeois revolution that started a thousand years ago has finally totally taken control. Most people now are normies both because they are afraid and they do not want to admit that what they have has cost them the loss of healthy civilization.

These are not whole people. Their fear makes them incapable of thinking. Their need to rationalize the current thing as good, and themselves as important, means that they reject any realistic thinking and always endorse whatever is destructive.

Normies are the product of civilization decline but also those who perpetuate it. These are the people who wear masks alone in the car because to do otherwise is to admit that one part of the system is unrealistic and therefore wrong, which implies the whole might be erroneous as well.

They can be defeated only by removing the pretenses of “good” that they use to justify their behaviors, namely the altruism, tolerance, inclusion, pacifism, utilitarianism, and individualism that together mean someone else cleans up the mess while the bourgeois make money.

Their power, even before the Peasant Revolts, came from the idea of equality or individualism for all and society foots the bill. This is the Big Lie; if we stop believing in it, the whole edifice of modernity — a veritable Tower of Babel — comes crashing down around us.

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