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Waging Psychic Warfare Against Diversity

Imagine making your thinking cold. Not just chilly, but ice-cold, based in pure logic and the relationships between things instead of imputing magical action to objects. You would see a world of cause-effect relationships forming a structure that keeps energy in motion.

Through this viewport, you will see a world where pattern matters more than medium. Energy without pattern dissipates, but when organized into cycles, it produces forces like gravity and light. Matter with the wrong pattern produces nothing, but with some patterns, births life.

The same extends to thoughts. Those, too, are patterns, and we know they can influence matter and energy much like those in turn influence thoughts. Even more, when our thoughts are organized, our actions emerge from those without focus, so we make sensible decisions.

This means that by organizing our thoughts we can wage psychic warfare against the failure that is modernity. However, for those acclimated to the hermetic view of the Proto-Indo-European faith, there is a clear wrinkle which is that like nature this is based on attraction not rejection.

For this reason, one cannot defeat diversity by being angry at it. It is necessary to describe its failure thoroughly, of course, but most of all, those who oppose it need to conjure up a vision of what they want instead and, if that is logical, it will become more likely to come to pass.

Your average Right-winger is either raging against “racism” or wants to be “racist,” but these are the two usual extremes that happen when the herd splits as an obstacle appears in its default path. Very few of them accept that diversity itself is an error.

Most humans do not mean bad but are rather selfish and opportunistic. They stumble into destructive behaviors through a lack of orientation toward saner ones, and groups always go this way because asserting common sense, logic, and reality in a group is controversial while illusion is not.

Consequently when they see diversity failing, they want to find something tangible to blame. If you cannot blame Satan, or the Kings, or even “racist” Whites, you must blame… the minorities. Instead of looking at how bad policy came about through group illusion, we scapegoat our co-victims.

This takes the dialogue away from where it needs to be. The discussion needs to be about whether diversity works at all; instead, we are talking about which group is to blame for diversity failing, so nothing gets done.

How the various people sidestepping this issue must laugh when they see the standard Hollywood drama of “racists versus minorities” play out! To them, it is now an easy choice: you favor one side or the other, and ignore the issue itself.

The Right leaps right into this one with DR3. Thinking themselves clever, conservatives decide to use the weapon of the enemy against the enemy by calling them “racist” for discriminating against Whites or another group.

This simply solidifies the debate as being “how to stop racism” instead of “does diversity work” and ends in utter stalemate as a result, which benefits everyone. The diversity keeps coming to our shores, White Replacement continues, and no one stops to ask if diversity itself is a good thing or bad thing.

If you want to wage psychic warfare against diversity, the first step is to do the counter-intuitive and to stop grumbling about other ethnic groups, and to start complaining about diversity itself, which does not work in any form or any mixture of groups.

Look at Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Rwanda, and the Uyghurs. Are there “good groups” and “bad groups” here? No, but when diversity is introduced, it pits groups against each other and they respond with horrors and tragedy results.

Diversity never works. It replaces culture with anti-culture and introduces permissiveness instead of the kind of rules, standards, aesthetics, routines, and behaviors that we need. This causes people to give up on society and hide in their homes.

Like all egalitarian — and this is the same impulse as pacifism, pluralism, tolerance, utilitarianism, and other forms of refusing to have goals so that we can have the illusion of peace — ventures, diversity aims to obliterate any sense of purpose in order to enforce acceptance.

By its very nature, this makes a society headless, which allows the malefactors to do whatever they want without fear of consequence. If there are no standards, and everyone is hunkered down because of alienation from diversity, we can all get away with whatever we want.

Since the dawn of time, human groups have destroyed themselves with pacifism. Peer pressure rewards “everyone getting along,” but accepting reality is controversial, so in order to have pacifism, we must deny reality and therefore set ourselves on a collision course with reality.

The Soviets collapsed from lack of food because in order to have everyone get along, they made them equal, which penalized the highest performers and therefore, those sat out the crisis until it self-destructed. The Jacobins went out in a similar way, as will Leftist USA.

Diversity is just another form of this pacifism. Instead of struggling to maintain our ethnic group, just invite everyone in and abolish culture, and then we can stop worrying about these hard things like common sense and reality.

Humans, being weak, defer to the group instead of struggling, and by so doing “eat the seed corn” or enjoy a brief bonanza today at the expense of tomorrow. To not be weak, we need to focus on the fact that diversity does not work in any form.

Ask your conservative leaders, you know, the people you keep making millionaires by clicking their videos and buying their books. What do we do about diversity? They start dodging and ducking immediately or talking about good groups versus bad groups. This is a misdirect: there is no “good” diversity.

Diversity can only destroy. It never results in anything but the genocide of the former majority. It is how civilizations decide to destroy themselves every time. You cannot make it good, or make nice, or have peace. You have to end diversity.

The simplest way to do this is to gain control of our bloated, oblivious, excessive, greedy, demented, and bankrupt political system, change the laws that made this happen, and then implement a human solution.

That requires too much mental work for conservatives, and Leftists are drugged on how they are going to seize power and make Utopia with the diversity vote, so they do not care. Instead of fixing the problem, we go around and round, always debating the non-issues instead of focusing on what must be done.

Once we finally stop being cowards and focus on the issue, we can wage psychic warfare on diversity by making it clear to ourselves and then others that there is no good form of diversity; there is only death. With that consensus, things will change.

Until then, conservatives do more harm than good with their demands for either anti-racism or “racism,” and the world continues down the path of suicide that always comes about when we deny reality and then refuse to talk about it.

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