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We Need Loyalty to Genetics and Nature, not Ideology

Back when Generation X was growing up, it was not uncommon in some areas to find a highly inefficient type of shower control. It consisted of three knobs: hot, cold, and overall flow. You turned on the middle knob to determine how much water came through the shower head, then turned on the other two to set hot-to-cold ratio.

Eventually they replaced these with a new type featuring a single knobs. You twisted it to the right for more water and more warmth, and to the left for less all the way down to turning it off. They were simple, straightforward, and massively popular.

You might say, “well, who cares?” but those old knobs represented culture. What we call “culture” can more accurately be seen as a way of adapting to the world and the art, calendar, learning, behaviors, cuisine, and aesthetics that support it.

In this case, we might see the three knobs as aesthetics, but they also reflect a design philosophy. We want fine-tuned control and do not mind doing more work to get it, at least in my culture of origin (WASPs, or Cro-Magnid Western Europeans).

Everything we do reflects that underlying culture, which itself is a product of genetics. You can be taught it, but those who do not need to be taught will understand it in any circumstance without having to become self-conscious and artificed.

Culture suffers when we replace it with artifice, such as bureaucracy, symbolism, government, propaganda, or even socializing, since socializing is “universal” (enough) to humanity that it does not correspond to any specific culture.

This includes ideology which is like a red flag to a bull at a bullfight: it becomes the new target, instead of reality including our culture, and so we lunge for the ideology, bypassing our real-world needs in the process.

American conservatives have traded ideology for gut instinct and become too Leftist (egalitarian) to be effective as conservatives:

Influenced profoundly by the remnants of a zealous Trotskyite globalism and its radical commitment to an expansive concept of “equal civil rights” (same sex marriage, transgenderism, etc. are now increasingly acceptable among conservative elites), and by a constant diet of Neoconservative commentary spouted by Fox News, Newsmax, and so-called “conservative” talk radio, incorporating that template, in large part Southern Republicanism and establishment Southern “conservatives” have become indistinguishable from their Northern brethren.

How many times each day do we hear representatives of what Old Right scholar Paul Gottfried calls “Con Inc.”—Establishment Conservatism—praise the legacy of radical Frederick Douglass or the “vision” of Communist-inspired Martin Luther King Jr.? A Mark Levin and Brian Kilmeade on Fox, Rich Lowry at National Review, Michael Anton and cohorts at the Claremont Institute, Larry Arnn at Hillsdale College—you take your pick: they all condemn the historic South, its traditions and heritage. They all accept a warmed-over and refashioned post-Marxist globalism and expansive view of “rights,” even if they also support Donald Trump.

If you ask your average conservative if he supports equality, he will answer in the affirmative. If you tell him that this makes him a Leftist or liberal, he will start spouting stuff about how the framers liked equality too so he might as well go further and make more progress and be full egalitarian.

In reality, of course, the framers were elitists who wanted a country run by its most intelligent in a type of planter aristocracy of the talented, with the full knowledge that this would mean a caste of wealthy, highly intelligent, and realistic people would rule from that point onward.

Ideology always betrays those who create it because it replaces culture. Consider the lesson of the Anglo-Saxons who relied on institutions, systems, bureaucracies, rules, regulations, laws, and rights instead of doing what was right:

The problem is that Anglo-Saxon states, like Frankenstein’s monster, have escaped control of, by, and for the people who created them. WASP bioculture emerged within a high-trust society of strangers within which the state was expected to act as trustee for the interests of society as a whole. Today, those Anglo-Saxon nation-states have been absorbed into a more or less autonomous and self-perpetuating, globalist system of governance.

WASPs are now vulnerable to the machinations of transnational corporate welfare states determined to open up every formerly Anglo-Saxon country to an unending flood of mass immigration. Predominantly non-white immigrants come from low-trust societies predisposed to elevate kinship and tribal loyalties over impersonal norms of fairness and justice. Individual WASPs are ill-prepared to compete with racial strangers who cooperate with each other to advance their collective interests.

In other words, we cannot rely on abstractions such as laws, ideology, symbols, economics, and narratives. We can only rely on ourselves as biology, meaning our tendencies that manifest in culture, and a natural hierarchy of ourselves.

The Anglo-Saxon approach, shaped by the experience of being on an island that was part of Europe but somehow distant from it, relies on being very open to new experiences and people so that they can be incorporated as part of a campaign toward a goal.

Some of this comes from recent Anglo-Saxon experience, where Britain was forged from the remnants of Nordic, Roman, German, French, and Celtic empires.

At our hearts however we know that the more formal, artificial, and rule-based our thinking becomes — typical of a society which is thriving, and therefore trying to control itself rather than achieve a forward goal — the farther we get from reality, and thus we self-destruct.

It turns out that Systems are symbols, too, and therefore like symbols have loyalty to nothing except themselves. They start as ways to refer to our world, but then become goals and fears in themselves, at which point they dominate our thinking and drive us away from realism.

As part of this self-destruction we engage in a vicious, neurotic, and pointless class war by which the middle classes and proles attempt to overthrow those naturally gifted to lead. As part of that, we import foreigners as allies.

We have now had many centuries of self-destruction, and we have run out of road. We are broke, people are not breeding, life is miserable, pollution is rising, resources are falling, we are in debt, and we are surrounded by enemies.

It is time for the Anglo-Saxons to awaken and restore their countries, which means sending everyone else away, even Southern and Eastern Europeans, so that we can be Anglo-Saxon again and achieve what only we can do.

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