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Wag The Rottweiler

Joe Biden attempts to imitate successful men despite his inferior intellect and lesser genetic pedigree. He suffers from an immature desire to outdo people with more to offer the world then himself. Joe Biden’s moronic decision to provoke Russia over The Ukraine is an example of his desire to play the game better than Bill Clinton did.

Bill Clinton developed a methodology to distract the people from his sleazy, corrupt amorality. He rallied them around the flag, sent in the legions of empire, and bolstered his poll numbers with a cheap and easy military victory. Winning, as they say in The NFL, proved to be an effective deodorant.

I doubt anyone believes that Joe Biden has greater intelligence than Bill Clinton possessed. Both men are evil and bred from low seed. Clinton, unlike our current president, understood that limits existed that circumscribed the level of fvckery he could get away with.

We see this truism demonstrated in bas-relief with President Biden’s attempt to use aggressive foreign policy against Russia as a distractor from the terrible job he is doing as President. Bill Clinton cynically bombed the used food out of places like Iraq and Yugoslavia as a method of dominating media cycles. It was a joke. Even Hollywood laughed at the cynicism. The movie Wag The Dog openly mocked this tactic of using flashy military optics to distract the people.

Bill Clinton used this effectively because he showed low cunning. He sent the legions of Amerika’s global empire into battle against ineffective opposition. The Iraqis he shot cruise missiles at were still in recovery from Operation Desert Storm. The Yugoslavian turkey-shoot worked because the Serbians he aggressed against already engaged in a genocidal civil war against ancient enemies on one side and crazy religious fanatics on the other. There was no possibility of either Iraq or Serbia turning Boston into a smoking thermonuclear crater laced with Cobalt isotopes for the next 10,000 years.

Joe Biden’s brain has the id of a twenty-year-old and the ego to match his current senescence. His target for useless military showboating is Russia. He is picking a stupid fight with another country that actually has weapons of mass destruction. When Joe Biden asks Congress for an authorization for use of force resolution, he can bring in Colin Powell to tell us about the following.

According to the Federation of American Scientists, an organization that assesses nuclear weapon stockpiles, as of 2018, the Russian Federation possesses 7,850 total nuclear warheads, of which 1,600 are strategically operational.

Why would Biden actually attempt this sort of political showmanship with a foil that could easily steal the show? It is his immature and stupid ego. He has to outdo Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. If Bill Clinton can wag the dog, then Joe Biden can wag the Rottweiler. If Donald Trump can Make Amerika Great Again, then Joe Biden can Build Back Better. Joe Biden lives a delusional bubble.

This stupid, hollow, vainglorious fool risks having to lead his woke war toy militia into a war against the military with a history of having defeated Napoleon Bonaparte and Hans Guderian.

Now, Washington’s neglect of strategic reality has become truly dangerous. While Washington pursued its strategy of interventionism, Army and Marine Ground Forces, its Senior Leaders products of low-intensity conflicts in the Near East and Southwest Asia, sank deeper and deeper into strategic irrelevance and self-delusion. The ground force is not simply untrained and unready for action, it’s more paramilitary constabulary than warfighting machine. Today, no amount of air or naval power can compensate for America’s glaring weakness on the ground.

It’s obviously time for the moralizing globalists to repent, or hide behind the U.S. Armed Forces they used to promote a destructive agenda and self-enrichment; a force more woke than ready for a fight the Russian Army that with all its faults is modern, 21st Century killing machine. Of the two choices, the Neocon Globalists would much prefer to sacrifice the forces they helped to make incapable of disguising the debacle with sophistry.

Why would Idiot Joe pursue such abysmal folly? Because he does not want any of us to see the real consequences of what little this pathetic man still believes.

The results of these disastrous policies are impossible to conceal. America’s large, dynamic economy and its ability to project military power have faded. Whereas Trump sought to reinvigorate American prosperity by avoiding armed conflict with Iran, Russia, and China, Biden is driving the nation to war and collapse. Ideally, President Biden and the globalist Congress should adopt a strategy of conflict avoidance designed to make the U.S. more secure and stop thinking with its missiles. Instead, Biden and his countrymen are staring into the abyss.

When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss looks into you. When the abyss looks into Joe Biden, it probably grabs a McDonald’s bag and upchucks.

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