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How I Awakened to the Racial Crisis in America

by Casey Morris

My awakening occurred when I entered the workforce. In my Southern state, you would expect that things are good for Whites with post-undergraduate degrees, especially from a Division I school, but the prospects are actually horrendous, pitting them against an environment of non-whites and Whites who seem to want to coddle or be non-white, thanks to Affirmative Action style policies.

In the years after 2016, I applied to multiple historical organizations only to be quickly rejected. I suspect that it has to do with the new emphasis in the South to hire Blacks and other minorities to bring history to life in a “new” way. I have never been able to confirm my suspicion, but I see that a lot of government jobs and restaurant jobs are being filled up with Blacks in order to buttress the need for fulfilling racial quotas and fill up mostly White suburbia with “diversity.”

Of course, many Whites see themselves as needing this “diversity,” much to their own disadvantage, as they see only much later. I do not experience this, because being a poor White with a masters degree in History, I have nothing to call my own home and no sense of social connections. This is a result of the anti-White policies and protocols of local industries and organizations, to whom I have applied over and over again for, leaving me with nothing.

This shows us the future for the average White person, including surprisingly those of above-average intelligence, under the system of diversity. We are being essentially thrown out of the system and back on the plantation, and what I mean by this is Blacks and other minorities are valued as the future politically and economically, because they mean to bring a great bit of genius that the backwards Neanderthal White race have squashed and kept from ever blossoming.

We are being enslaved to the interests of the very same people that we fight for, those good-natured and well meaning Whites who are wealthy and of means and want to make their Country Clubs look proper and White, which is all good except for their political beliefs. My experience working with people that believe in the cafeteria style of politics where one can embrace great whites like Robert E. Lee but adore race traitors like Robert F. Kennedy began when I finally found a job working as a Grounds Crew for a local Country Club. Things went smoothly at first.

That said, the employees, all of whom were White, were unruly, talking about woke and modern degeneracies, that brown people are oppressed by Whites and a constant target of them, along with utilizing chainsaws while drunk, talking about their sexual escapades, and driving the golf cart so recklessly that I took a spill on more than one occasion. In other words, the catapulting of minorities to the top positions and jobs has led the well meaning and good-natured White elite and employers to refuse to recognize the same social hierarchy and divisions that would have been of greater benefit to a multitude of Whites like me.

Instead, they feast, party, and take on political beliefs that are liberal and/or Republican. Its unfortunate to say but the woke Whites are slaves of their masters, who relish in a debauched culture of excess, and are oblivious to their fate for blindly obeying the masters of society.

Many of the poorer Whites who work for employers are digging their graves at the behest of the establishment and in times past an aristocracy would have kept them standing in good order letting them know what would happen if they ingested the poison that would do them in. In other words, we have a culture that is consumed with pleasure and luxury, which leaves out many of the Whites that once would have the advantage of becoming more intellectually inclined or profiting off their intellectual orientation.

It is a culture of confusion caused by a pathological need to create rapid change and open the door for it to undermine and exploit the good-natured and well-meaning White who often is complicit in this activity against themselves. I found a job more recently at another prestigious Club in the region as a Bus Boy, and I had to deal with a large contingency of Blacks. They are stacking whites with higher degrees and even poor whites of technical skills with other minorities.

These minorities often try to dominate and control the work space psychologically, socially, and politically as they like to think they know more than the the other races, as BLM and media propaganda has told us and them. As it happened, I had a strong and tall looking Negro, who told me not to call myself a Bus Boy, because he was demeaning and did not imbue dignity upon the individual fulfilling such a position. I thought it was weird that he would be so sensitive of something being derogatory, but this seems to be the case with non-whites, as they reconstruct the semantics of culture and society, while undermining and doing in our economy, society, and cultural well being.

I believe he wanted to make it gender neutral, which is all a means of weakening us and our resolve and making us easier to subjugate to the often destructive and self-destructive way of the Negro and other non-whites. There was another Negro worker who thought he had the Covid-19 hoax all settled and thought that as the number of vaccinated grew and the number of unvaccinated shrunk that the virus would get worse as a result of the unvaccinated, which is ironically the other way around. I ended up quitting the job as a result of the experiences I was having with Black people.

As one can see, Whites are not only being made poor, destitute, and crammed with the other minorities, who think they are on top, because they are, being able to push themselves on poor Whites who do not have the means to resist and have their voices heard. They also are making more than they are worth in terms of their capacities and illustrate for me why we need a meritocracy of an aristocratic type to ensure that society is pacified and culture resurrects. It is time for middle class and upper middle class White America to realize they are destroying themselves when they promote policies that involve bringing in herds of Blacks and non-whites into suburbia, risking the well-being of their own children.

Upper class White America is going to lose its clientele and its organization when not enough Whites are able to become wealthy enough to gain access to the goods being sold at said organization. Capital can’t go upwards if there is not a strongly established collection of peoples to supply it to the upper class, but I suppose, sarcastically speaking, the non-whites in their new found jobs will supply this. This is indeed my greatest fear and that is upper class White America has become a front for political organizations that do not care for Whites and even spit on them as they hire tons of minorities. That they will play the role of Mother Jones telling us how great “diversity” is and restricting white America from society due to “racism” and never giving minorities the hope they always had within them.

This might be an overgeneralization but as I have realized as a poor White with a masters degree in History is that the revolution among whites will begin from those that have relegated to the darkest corners of society by the country’s employers and elites.

I do not consider myself to be its standard bearer, but I hope this write up inspires people to wake up and realize that it really is white versus minority. Its not just something they manipulate at the top, although that plays a role, but its in our bones, which means we might not get to stage our internal revolution of the system until we have been hunted down or disenfranchised terribly.

At this point, I feel like one of the hunted, and the worst fear is to have members of my own race pinning me down to accept the cult of diversity. It is not to be misunderstood on historical renderings of what race and culture mean in respects to society, which bothers me, but the consequences of such renderings getting one labelled as “racist.” This usually means complete social alienation, which I experience as a White male with a graduate degree.

The message conveyed seems to be to not even try if you are White because you do not deserve anything and need to be relegated to the lowest possible order, and if you are non-white you do not need to try to be productive because you will get goods and things dumped upon you regardless. In the end, the goal is the annihilation of our race whether through race-mixing or other means, so don’t go saying I didn’t tell you when the swarms of non-whites take everything from you without deserving it and then destroy the little you had.

The country is already South Africa and we don’t realize what is being engineered around us, as the trap is being laid for us, but the greatest trap is the one we impose on ourselves, ignoring how bad it is out there and saying non-whites deserve anything but their own life. As I have realized, its a system of worship your do-gooding White, who hires non-whites over Whites when it comes to jobs that are oriented towards certain degrees. This leaves one to become the slave of a system that throws you in the gutter with non-whites or the abyss of politically left leaning masters, many of whom neglect their poorer White employees well being, as the poor White ingests the garbage of society and hate on his richer counterparts as a scapegoat for how Affirmative Action has ruined his life.

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