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Vindicating Joseph McCarthy

America was maligned for her resistance to Communism mainly because the people working in media, academia and the arts had switched to full-blown Communism back in the 1930s, when the failures of democracy and greedy investment strategies of the herd resulted in a massive economic crash.

As usual, humans would rather run away from a working system to a non-working one instead of fixing the problems in the former. For those in the hip crowd, this meant not choosing something different, but something old: the egalitarian democratic impulse of 1789 combined with the demands for subsidies from the 1840s quickly became a new Communism lite, similar to how trendy Universal Basic Income (UBI) — a similar idea to Communism — is today.

Since the days of the first Bohemians, the way to gain social points in society has been to advocate what most people secretly hope will work, which is that everyone is accepted just as they are and paid just to survive. Parasitism means you can focus all of your time on yourself and pretend to be an artist, or a genius, or an innovator, or whatever strikes your fancy. It is a time for human monkeys to play dress up and fantasize that they are actually important, solely because they are not and thus need to compensate through projection and transference.

By the time the 1950s rolled around, American society was severely divided. Most of the “intellectuals” were radical socialists or Communists, the heartland was still caught in 1820s style nativism and traditionalism, and the cities were full of people indoctrinated in the WWII-era propaganda that took the idea of 1776 and make it into a radical Jacobin crusade.

Senator Joseph McCarthy went to war against the Communists who were working within the system, pretending to be normal, and yet coordinating with Communist parties worldwide — including in the Soviet Union — to bring about the end of the USA. For this, he was roundly condemned and his name made into a synonym for totalitarian, despite the fact that his methods were not extreme and he was mostly right.

Ann Coulter reveals how Joe McCarthy was unjustly judged by history through the voice of the Leftist press:

The true story of Joe McCarthy, told in meticulous, irrefutable detail in “Blacklisted by History,” is that from 1938 to 1946, the Democratic Party acquiesced in a monstrous conspiracy being run through the State Department, the military establishment, and even the White House to advance the Soviet cause within the U.S. government.

In the face of the Democrats’ absolute refusal to admit to their fecklessness, fatuity and recklessness in allowing known Soviet spies to penetrate the deepest levels of government, McCarthy demanded an accounting.

Even if one concedes to on-the-one-hand-on-the-other-hand whiners like Ronald Radosh that Truman’s Secretary of State Dean Acheson didn’t like communism, his record is what it was. And that record was to treat Soviet spies like members of the Hasty Pudding Club.

Not only that, but McCarthy was right in many cases and the others remain unknown whether he was right or not for the most part, rather than having disproved him. History has vindicated McCarthy by showing that Washington, D.C. was rife with Communist double agents:

The materials that first made their way to the surface in the early 1990s — records from Moscow’s Russian Center for the Preservation and Study of Documents of Recent History — provided proof past peradventure that the Communist Party of the United States was subsidized by the Soviet government and used as a base for extensive espionage.

…In the 1940s, the NSA had a top-secret program called Venona which intercepted (and much later decoded) messages between Moscow and its American agents. The recent publication of a batch of Venona transcripts gives evidence that the Roosevelt and Truman administrations were rife with communist spies and political operatives who reported, directly or indirectly, to the Soviet government, much as their anti-communist opponents charged. The Age of McCarthyism, it turns out, was not the simple witch hunt of the innocent by the malevolent as two generations of high school and college students have been taught.

…The government was the workplace of perhaps 100 communist agents in 1943-45. He just didn’t know their names…The Venona transcripts contain the code names of about 200 persons, although some of these were clearly persons who had unwitting contact with Soviet agents. The Venona documents indicate that there were perhaps a dozen Soviet agents in the State Department alone. It is now clear that the Truman administration wasn’t looking very hard.

When the Leftists across media, government, academia and entertainment get together in their private groups and back-channels and agree to tell us all at once, as they usually do as part of their decentralized gaslighting strategy, that there is no threat from a certain quarter, beware: they are lying, just as they were lying about Joe McCarthy.

If you are a successful person, business or nation, there will be no shortage of people trying to weaken you so that they can take some of what you have. When they object that you are cracking down too hard on known threats against you, consider why someone would want to so thoroughly disarm you, and ask cui bono to find out what they get out of the deal.

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